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5 best fitness apps for 2020 in Malta

Monday, March 30, 2020 by Melita

5 best fitness apps for 2020 in Malta

These top apps are giving the others a run for their money

Your new fitness coach could be right in the palm of your hand.

There are a number of top-notch fitness apps on your Melita smartphone, designed to help you get in shape, keep you motivated and even help you prepare for next year’s Malta Marathon.

No matter what your goals, these are the five best fitness apps for iphone and android.

1. Endomondo

Get motivated and stay active with Endomondo. The app allows you to track your workouts, keep a log of your fitness, and calculates the number of calories burned as you go, so you can keep an eye on your progress while jogging along Sliema Promenade.

The function that puts it just ahead of its rivals is its added audio capabilities.  You can pair it with earbuds for in-run feedback, audio coaching that motivates you towards a goal you set.

You can also receive real-time pep talks from absent running buddies.

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2. 5K Runner

If you’re a keen jogger, you need to download this awesome app.

The 5K Runner app is more than just a smartphone toy. It’s a fully-featured training programme that lets fitness fanatics train for their first 5K race.

The great thing is that it is designed with the beginning runner in mind and makes it easy for runner to track their progress as they train. It also gives you personalised coaching based on your specific needs.

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3. Fitness Buddy

If you’re looking for variety in your workout, Fitness Buddy is for you.

This free app comes loaded with hundreds of workouts and individual exercises, so you need never be bored with the same old routine again.

The app allows you to target specific muscle groups and body parts, making spot reducing and strength training a breeze.

Each exercise comes with a full set of instructions, so you can get it right first time.

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4. Runtastic

Running, jogging, biking – it doesn’t matter how you train, keeping track of your workouts is essential.

Runtastic has a built-in GPS to record routes in real-time, and even lets you share your success with your friends.

The app also syncs with Apple Music to offer upbeat and feel good playlists for musical motivation.

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5. Cyclemeter

No matter what your sport, keeping track of your progress is vital, and that’s where Cyclemeter comes in.

As the name implies, it keeps track of how many kilometres you ride each day, but it can do much more than that.

Cyclemeter can also keep track of the distance you walk, from a quick stroll in Marsascala to a hike in the Gozo countryside.

You can also use Cyclemeter to track your running and keep tabs on your progress.

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