80% of Melita’s internet customers enjoy speeds of 15 Megabits or more

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 by

80% of Melita’s internet customers are subscribed to packages which deliver internet speeds of 15 Megabits per second or more.

“According to www.netindex.com by OOKLA, the average download speed in Europe is just over 13 Megabits per second, so this is a fantastic achievement for Melita and a great benefit for its customers. The vast majority of Melita’s customers today have a broadband internet connection which is faster than Europe’s average”, commented Mireille Muscat, Product Manager for Internet at Melita.

Commenting on this significant milestone, Melita’s Chief Operations Officer Ludolf Rasterhoff said “Such an achievement is the result of a clear vision and strong execution over the last years. It all started with Melita’s huge investment in the undersea fibre-optic cable to Sicily, completed in 2008. In 2010 Melita completed a huge upgrade of its network and last year we launched Fibre Power – the superior broadband technology.”

At present, Melita only sells internet access with speeds of 15 megabits per second or more. A healthy number of customers are also opting for higher broadband speeds thanks to Fibre Power packages of 25 Megabits and increasing up to 100 Megabits per second.

Ms Muscat added that, “Apart from delivering high broadband speeds, it is critical to ensure quality of service as well as affordability. Our entry level product now costs just €1.1 per Megabit when compared to a €3.5 per Megabit for the 4 Megabit product offered by our competitors.”

According to data published by www.netindex.com, Melita delivers the promised speed in more than 96% of instances – a significantly higher rate than the 85% score for EU average.

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