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1,000 Mbps Fibre and
5G nationwide

However you connect, you’ll get the best.

Speed matters online, that’s why we give you 1,000 Mbps nationwide, wherever you are.

Whether it’s fibre powered internet to your home or super-fast 5G on your phone, all in all, you’re better off.

Fastest connections, happiest customers.


Fast Connections

Get online, fast. Nationwide 5G, nationwide 1,000 Mbps Internet Fibre Power. Super-fast, super-reliable.


Fast Service

Get connected, fast. Installation within 2 days, same-day self-install, 24/7 instant chat, speedy repairs. Only the best for our customers.


Customer Satisfaction

We want to give our customers world-class service from beginning to end. Thanks for rating us 9/10, you make our day, every day.😊



Top speeds in all corners of your home with Truemesh WiFi ™ to give you smart, seamless and smart WiFi.

1,000 Mbps Internet Fibre Power

1,000 Mbps internet fibre power nationwide for the best online experience and StellarWiFi for top WiFi speeds in every corner of your home!


5G nationwide speeds + Endless 5G mobile data means faster downloads, over and over again. Add Endless calls and SMS and you’re on top – wherever you are!

Our Customer Service Promises

Back in 2016 we asked you what you wanted and built our Customer Service Promises around your answers. Today, and every day, we measure ourselves on how well we’re doing fulfilling those promises for fast, reliable, available connections and Customer Care that delivers.

Thanks for your feedback

Whenever we serve you, whether it's in our stores, on our online chat or when we visit you at home, we follow up by asking you how we're doing. We truly value all your feedback, and we're really happy that you tell us what we're doing well; so well, that if we were a hotel on TripAdvisor would give us a rating of 'fabulous'.

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