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5G mobile and 1,000 Mbps internet nationwide

  • Reliable, fibre powered internet up to 1,200 Mbps
  • Interactive TV + Premium Sports
  • Save on a mobile plan with Endless 5G data 1,000 Mbps Fibre Power Internet
  • Flexible: add on and remove when you want
  • €0.50 discount if you pay by Direct Debit or pre-authorised credit card
Flexi Bundle from /month for the first 6 months

The best building blocks

Best-in-class products at great value. You choose what works for you.

Fibre powered internet

Choose from 500 Mbps, 1,000 or 1,200 Mbps Internet Fibre Power. StellarWiFi for uninterrupted internet in every room.


Never miss a programme; 7 day Catch-up and cloud-based Record via your TV, NexTV app or browser.


Select unlimited local calls for best value or choose international minutes and shrink the miles.

Mobile & MelitaWiFi

Choose from best value postpaid. MelitaWiFi month after month.

Internet speed that suits you

Fibre powered internet nationwide. Choose your speed with the added bonus of TV included for free.

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More information
  1. €0.50 discount applies for customers paying by Direct Debit (DD) or pre-authorised credit card (PACC).
  2. Discounts are applicable to new customers only.
  3. A one time €15 installation charge applies for a 24 month contract, €75 for a monthly contract.
  4. If you would like to receive paper bills a €2 charge applies. Have you tried our MyMelita online portal? It’s very convenient and you can follow your usage and bills and pay online. Click here.
  5. Follow these links to read the T&C of Flexi bundle: TV in Flexi bundle, Internet in Flexi bundle, Telephony in Flexi bundle, Mobile in Flexi bundle and StellarWiFi S T&C’s

Why choose Melita?


Customer Service

Our customers give us 9.1/10 on our customer service – that’s excellent – now we’ve our eye on 10/10!


Quick Install

Choose a 2 hour slot to suit you, within 2 working days – or even sooner.



We’re proud of our reliable networks and our high quality TV, all backed up by our 1 day repair promise.


Speed Guarantee

Get the speed you pay for with unlimited download and uploads.

What people like about Flexi

Different strokes for different folks. Here’s some Flexi stories.

Teen kids

  • 500 Mbps speed
  • NexTV XL HD TV Channels
  • Telephony
  • x2 Flow3 Mobile Plan
  • Endless 5G mobile plans
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At our house it’s YouTube this and SnapChat that, at least this week.

The kids are glued to their phones, but I don’t want crazy mobile bills, so I got them both a budget control mobile with 3 GB data a month, and if they’re at the beach or il-Belt they use MelitaWiFi. 500 Mbps internet means we can all be online at the same time at home. As long as they have internet, peace reigns.


Just us

  • 500 Mbps speed
  • NexTV XL HD TV Channels
  • Fixed Unlimited Telephony
  • x2 Top-up Mobile Plan
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We want to keep in contact with all our friends and family.

We enjoy chatting on the phone, so we chose the fixed unlimited for our home phone and each got a SIM for our mobiles. We chose NexTV XL HD TV channels so we can see a lot of the programmes we enjoy, and if we miss one of our favourites we can catch up with it later, even if we forget to record it.


Just me

  • 1,200 Mbps speed
  • TV Starter Channels
  • Telephony
  • Endless 5G mobile plans
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On a scale of 1-10 internet is about 11 for me.

I chose Flexi for the internet: 1,200 Mbps download and crazy 100 Mbps upload speeds – add in low ping and I’m the king on MMOGs. And the connection is smooth even when my brother is round, streaming a movie whilst I’m playing online. Beyond internet? Well, I keep an eye on the TV news and have the landline for my Nanna to call.


Young kids

  • 500 Mbps speed
  • NexTV L HD TV Channels
  • Telephony 100 international minutes
  • Endless 5G mobile plans
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With twin toddlers, keeping the little ones entertained is essential.

With 500 Mbps they can watch cartoons on their iPads whilst I’m catching up with a colleague on Skype. We added NexTV L HD so when the kids are finally asleep, we get to enjoy TV together. We’ve both got family in Canada, so we added the international minutes, that way I don’t have to worry about the phone bills every month.


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