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We offer competitive compensation packages

We strive to provide a fair and inclusive workplace. Our compensation and benefits packages are based on the number of core principles which reflect our values. Our packages are designed to attract talent and retain high-achieving people who are bold in spirit, driven to succeed and reliable in providing an exceptional experience to our customers and business.

We offer competitive salaries, commission, financial incentives and benefits related to performance. We recognise the importance of health insurance for our employees and their immediate family, together with free or discounted Melita services that extend to the family and friends of our employees.








We encourage the development of our people

Having a workforce that is both capable and competent is a normative expectation in our organisation. This involves hiring candidates with the right skills; retaining talent; providing performance feedback; and creating development opportunities.

We are focused on improving employee skills and talent development to maintain and grow Melita’s workplace culture. We use cutting-edge as well as traditional training methods that empower all our employees to enhance their career development. To further support career advancement, Melita awards up to five annual scholarships to employees who show passion for growth and live by the Melita values.

We know that the ongoing improvement and development of our employees is crucial, since it enables people from all walks of life to demonstrate their talents, challenging the status quo and conceptualising new ideas. The passion and drive that our team brings to work on a daily basis is highly valued.

We provide training and learning opportunities

We provide new joiners appropriate induction and orientation programs to introduce them to their role while ensuring a smooth transition into the work environment and the Melita culture. We offer new employees the opportunity to meet and interact with role models who can serve as coaches and mentors during the induction process. Melita employees can also benefit from additional study leave to promote life-long learning and support career development.

Other learning opportunities which Melita invests in relate to the delivery of in-house and external courses, workshops, coaching, and team building activities. We also value action learning and ensure that our employees receive new challenges and opportunities to thrive in a fast moving, cutting edge technology environment throughout their careers. These programmes aim at enriching our employees’ lives within a workplace culture, by delivering the most effective learning experience.



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We value employee contributions

Our culture is supported by the quality of employees who show potential during the initial stages of recruitment and continued promise throughout the duration of their career.

We make sure that employees are valued and appreciated for their work and contribution by providing feedback through one to one meetings, performance reviews, coaching and mentoring. We embrace an open door policy that shows employees that their opinion is important. We also allow them to express themselves and voice their thoughts openly, and take them into consideration. Our use of fora, surveys and focus groups allow employees a comfortable space to voice their opinion.

We also recognise employee contributions by means of yearly awards for employees who go beyond their duty, opportunities for growth and motivational incentives.

We’re committed to promoting employee well-being

Melita commits to employee health, safety and wellness by enabling employees to benefit from – discounted gym and spa memberships through our Melita discount card and our yearly Wellbeing event as well as other events organised by the Social Committee.

Our Health & Safety Committee facilitates co-operation in initiating and carrying out various events to improve the health and safety of employees. This includes the development of health and safety standards, rules and procedures together with providing a safe working environment such as protective equipment, health screening, vision tests, sun protection as well as having trained personnel in first aid and fire safety.

The health and well-being of all our employees is important to us throughout the various life cycles. We provide a work environment that promotes work-life balance together with a positive social working atmosphere which encourages a mutual sense of respect, trust and support.







We’re recognised as an equal opportunity employer

Melita was one of the first companies in Malta to be awarded the “Equality Mark” certification by NCPE for our commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace. The certificate recognizes the responsibility that Melita takes in its approach towards employment, and this is demonstrated by affirming the value of diversity and by promoting an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Audits confirm that this standard is maintained and continuously prioritised.

All individuals are provided with equal employment and advancement opportunities and recruitment decisions are based on merit, qualifications and competencies. Individual contribution and self-expression are encouraged through open communication streams since diversity is greatly valued within our working environment.