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Free two-week viewing of AXN and AXN Sci-Fi for Melita digital TV subscribers

Monday, March 07, 2011 by

Melita has announced that the newly launched popular entertainment channels AXN from Sony Pictures Television will be offered for free viewing to all Digital subscribers until 15th March. AXN was the fastest growing entertainment channel in Italy in 2010.

This free-viewing period makes it possible for M and L TV subscribers to enjoy these two new entertainment-packed channels for 15 days, at no cost.

AXN, AXN HD and AXN Sci-Fi have have been added for free to Melita’s XL TV Package as from 1st of March. To view AXN HD version Melita XL TV customers simply need to switch to Melita’s Netbox HD which amongst other benefits, enables viewers to pause, stop, and rewind live TV and record favourite shows on its massive 320GB hard-drive.

The AXN network now reaches more than 1 million people every day in Italy and its all day audience is up by +27% in 2010.

“The AXN channels add great new entertainment content to our line-up. Through this free-view period we want to give the opportunity to subscribers of the M and L packages to experience this content ranging from top US series to action-packed Hollywood movies”, said Ivor Micallef, Product Manager – Television, Melita

AXN boasts action-packed programming including such series as Stargate: Universe, Flashpoint, Breaking Bad, Damages, The Border, Dark Blue (Starting in June) and Prison Break (Starting in May). Amongst the Movies showing in March we find blockbusters such as King Kong, Rendition, Jurassic Park III, Street Fighter, Fun with Dick and Jane, Spider Man 2, Two for the Money, Stealth, Miami Vice and The Guardian.

Similarly AXN Sci-Fi will also be a unique destination for high quality sci-fi and fantasy programming. Providing the best in U.S. and international entertainment, AXN Sci-Fi offers a compelling mix of series and film entertainment. Viewers will have the chance to see acclaimed series including; The 4400 and Dead Like Me and territory premieres of new seasons of Eureka and Ghost Hunters along with core sci-fi series like Star Trek Next Generation and SG-1.

The introduction of the AXN channels is part of Melita’s constant commitment to enhance the TV content for its subscribers. Since the end of 2009, Melita increased its basic channel line-up from 100 channels to over 150 today. It was also the first to launch High Definition TV in Malta and already boasting a line-up of 15 channels including brands such as Sky News HD, Food Network HD, Eurosport HD, ESPN America HD, MTVN HD and premium channels Stars HD and Melita Sports HD.