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Gabriel Gusman – IT Support Technician

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 by Gabriel Gusman

Gabriel Gusman – IT Support Technician

Time on Earth: 26 Years

Relationship status: Single

Time at Melita: 1 Year 8 Months

In my role as an IT Support Technician, I am responsible for taking care of the company’s internal computers peripherals and setups, as well as other devices used by agents and employees, and managing user access. Our team needs to make sure that employees have the right tools and setups to be able to function as required. Without the right IT infrastructure and maintenance, the company would be unable to operate.

As an IT technician, I need to find solutions to IT issues and requests in the most timely and efficient manner. At times, we deal with common issues which we would readily know how to solve but on other occassions, we face issues that are new to us and because we have not encountered them before, we need to analyse and find a relevant solution. It is very satisfying when we manage to complete a project or solve a troubleshooting issue.

Before I started working at Melita in June of 2019, I worked within a small company that provided IT support and Crypto Mining setups.  I immediately felt at home at Melita and settled in easily. My first manager, Russell, and the rest of the team truly made me feel welcome. Everyone was ready to help when needed and I was greeted with a lot of friendly faces. Prior to working at Melita, I worked independently with no team members. I must say that working as a team has a lot of benefits – it is good to have an extra hand for support and someone to speak to and discuss certain issues with.

Feeling comfortable and getting along with your team is crucial to be motivated and productive at work. I have not encountered difficulties here, rather it has been very rewarding. The working environment is great and we get plenty of support from the HR team and the department managers. We all work hard, but we also have a very friendly culture that allows us to remain motivated.

The company is team-oriented – we work together for the benefit of the customers, the employees and the company overall.  Melita offers flexibility and ample opportunities for training and career growth.

The best thing about my job is that I get to work on my desk but also need to move around the company to deal with issues hands-on, so the day never gets boring.

I hope that in 10 years’ time I will have the opportunity to manage my own team and perhaps work on my own solo project as an entrepreneur.

Gabriel Gusman

Gabriel Gusman

IT Support Technician

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