Data Bundles for old (closed) prepaid offers

Please note that these data bundles are not available for Pockit, Djuno or Flow customers.

Hungry for more data at better value?

Choose your data bundle and never lose any data again. Didn’t use all your data in 30 days? No problem! With these data bundles, what you get is what you keep. Your data stays on your account until you’ve used it all. Use your data whenever you need to, no expiry date, no worries. Never lose data again.

Occasional browsing – 500MB at €3 – Send 500MB to 16860
Daily light use – 1GB at €5 – Send 1GB to 16860
Most recommended – 3GB at €10 – Send 3GB to 16860
Best value – 10GB – €20 – Send 10GB to 16860

Rates and Prices include VAT but exclude excise tax and other taxes.

How to order data bundle

  • Choose which data bundle you’d like.
  • Make sure you have enough money on your account to cover the cost of the bundle (dial *121# and call to check your balance).
  • SMS the bundle name, e.g. 3GB to 16860.

Automatic bundle renewal

No need to remember to renew your data bundle. Once you’ve used all the data in your bundle, we’ll add a new bundle at the same great rate, as long as you have enough credit on your account.

If you don’t have enough credit to renew your bundle, you can Top up or continue using data at 5c/MB.

How to cancel

You can cancel your automatic data bundle renewal at any time by sending an SMS to 16852.

Of course, you can still use any data left in your existing bundle.

The above data bundles do not have an expiry date and can be used until all the data has been used up. The bundles are automatically renewed once the data has been all used up unless the client has cancelled the auto-renewal by sending an SMS on 16852.