What’s the difference between the 1st generation and eero Pro?

The eero Pro is a continuation of the incredible workmanship and technology that went into the first generation product. Both generations of eero are designed to provide your home with best-in-class connectivity. With that said, the updated hardware comes with a few differences and advantages:


The biggest difference between the first and second generation eero is the addition of a third band. The third band adds an additional 5 Ghz radio, allowing your network to deliver even more reliable fast speeds to more devices.

Power Adapter

We’ve also revamped the power adapter on the second generation eero. Instead of a barrel-style plug, the eero Pro uses a USB-C power adapter.

Reset button

With eero, you shouldn’t ever have to reset or reboot your units. However, if troubleshooting requires it, we’ve made it a bit easier for you to reset your eero Pro. Instead of a push-pin style hole, there is now a small button on the back of the device—No paperclip needed!

Where’s the USB?

The first generation eero featured a USB 3.0 port. This was used for diagnostic purposes. With the eero Pro, we’ve replaced that port with USB-C.

Whether you are just getting started with eero, or even had our 1st generation product, the updated eero has a lot of great advantages including a faster tri-band configuration. Best of all, the eero Pro works with the first generation eeros.