For moments worth sharing, for connections that matter.Inspired by people like you.

Just four of the many ways you inspire us

Every day, in every way.

You’re awesome. There we said it, and we’ll say it a hundred times over because you inspire us all the time. Even when you get salty with us, as you sometimes do, you still inspire us. Whenever we chat online, talk on the phone and even when you visit our shops, you inspire us to be be part of the change that we want to see.

We’re Maltese all over

The Maltese are everywhere, in fact we’d bet our last Euro that there’s a Pawlu in the village of Motuo – Tibet, and a Ċensa in the cold town of Oymyakon - Siberia. We’re inspired by this Maltese sense of curiosity and are always looking out for new international innovations to bring to this incredible Mediterranean rock we call home.

Welcome to Malta

Whether you’re here to stay or visiting Malta for the sun, sea, sand or the parties, there’s no reason why you should miss out on your favourite TV distractions. Check out our many TV channels that include sport, TV series and news – all in 10 different languages.

Connections that matter

We’re all different but at the same time we’re all connected, because relationships are not just about friends and families, but also about our love for Shawn Mendes, our passion for GOT and football, even about our crazy crush on Christina Aguilera. Our common interests, obsessions and fascinations connect us. And all connections matter.


I play video games like my life depends on it, and with pro gaming on the rise, soon that might be the case. Growing up, my parents didn’t care much for my passion and, my teachers, well, they downright hated it, but thanks to the twitchiest of trigger fingers, and an internet connection that kills MMOGs with no lag, no buffering and no interruptions, I’m now top of my game and on the way to becoming a pro gamer.


Nothing trumps the peacefulness of kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea. For me, connecting with nature whilst also getting a work-out is the perfect combination. Once I can’t feel my arms anymore all I want is to connect with friends and chill. But how do you find your squad when they’re on land and you’re in the open blue? How do you find an address without streets? Switch on your 4.5G and send a location point via WhatsApp, or do as I do and videocall your surroundings. And voila, there they are!

Your inspiration, our vision

Your inspiration, our vision.

Every minute of every day, you inspire us to do better. No matter how challenging your expectations are, for us, they will never be too high. Everyday we find ways to work harder, better and smarter to enrich your lives with communication and entertainment products that lead the way in the rest of Europe. Get to know us better.