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Bringing gigabit internet to Businesses in Malta

GigaPower your business.

How we use the internet keeps changing. Live streaming, group video conferences, YouTube, downloading presentations with embedded videos, HD interactive TV, online gaming, 4K Netflix. GigaPower brings you the bandwidth to enjoy the internet, whoever is online, whatever tomorrow brings.


What’s a gigabit?

Gigabit internet means over 1,000 million bits of data streaming into your home per second, written as 1 Gbps. 1 Gbps is 1024 Mbps, that’s over 40x more data than a 25 Mbps internet connection. That’s GigaPower. What that means is that downloading a HD film will take about 30 seconds. That’s really great


More devices, more bandwidth

Nowadays your business is constantly connected. Whether on phone, laptop or tablet you and your team are constantly online, often across screens. More devices in your shop or office means the internet bandwidth is shared out like pieces of a pie across each person and each of their screens. GigaPower gives you a bigger pie to keep everyone’s devices up to speed.


Speed for the connected business

GigaPower is great for businesses. As your business grows and you need to be rapidly in touch with more clients, suppliers and more team members, speed matters. 1 Gbps gets those large video files downloaded in minutes, and when it comes to audio, large photography or product catalogues we’re talking seconds. And it’s not just about download, with GigaPower we have also pimped up your upload speeds so sharing your hard work will be a snap.

World-leading internet

GigaPower in your shop or office gives you the kind of internet connectivity available in only a few places around the world. Here’s how all that extra bandwidth can help your business.


The marketing gurus

We’re not a very big company but all the team is pretty much stuck to the screen, sometimes viewing content on the phone whilst working on a client project on our desktops. With 1 gigabit we don’t have to fight for bandwidth anymore and when we’re running multiple projects at the same time all the designers and executives can get the full lightning speed.


The world is our oyster

As a local company with international ambitions we didn’t want our size, or the island, to be a limitation. To achieve this connectivity is key. Along the years we went from 100 Mbps to 250 Mbps and now all the way to 1 gigabit. The bigger the bandwidth the better we can operate across our various international markets. Downloading supplier content, updating our various websites and producing and sharing high quality videos is now a swift process which doesn’t impact the rest of our connected team members.


The digital start-up

Starting in a small apartment with a big dream and few resources we know one thing is key for our business to flourish – connectivity. GigaPower gives us just that edge and enables us to go full throttle just when we need it the most. All team members can collaborate both locally and with our international partners seamlessly. Large video files and photos are shared in seconds.

GigaPower..It's available nationwide

We’ve been switching on GigaPower throughout 2018 and early 2019 and now we’re happy to say we’re officially nationwide!

1 Gbps equipment

Getting Ready for GigaPower

You’ll get the best from GigaPower when you have the right equipment.


We give all our GigaPower customers the latest high-end dual band modem to handle the bigger bandwidth. You’ll always get the fastest speeds and the best online performance by using a cable to plug your laptop or other device directly into the modem. If you’re using WiFi, the modem automatically toggles between bandwidth, constantly giving you the best connection possible.

Big office?

Our GigaPower modems come with multiple gigabit ethernet ports and option to use in bridge modem enabling you to connect to your networking equipment. A Static IP is also included on request with all GigaPower business connections.

GigaPower gives you a bigger bandwidth to share across all your devices, so each device gets closer to its maximum speed, We’re leading the way with 1 Gbps, so very few devices are gigabit ready yet, check the tech specs for your device’s maximum speed, wired and WiFi might be different.

This is a standard business internet product with shared bandwidth. If you intend to make extreme use of your service, that is more than 25 times
Our business team can assist you with the package more appropriate for your use. Extreme use of your service may result if you are running services such as live i-gaming or financial trading operations, continuous streaming and uploading of CCTV or high quality videos, or back up large data files or make heavy use of P2P services. We want all our customers to enjoy our internet. Occasionally a few customers use extreme amounts of bandwidth which can swamp the network and slow things down for everybody, should this occur we will temporarily restrict the download speed and send a notification email.
the average upload or download volume for customers on this package and which could have a negative impact on other customers, we recommend moving to dedicated bandwidth packages. Click Here

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