Melita Mobile assigned new 900MHz mobile frequencies

Thursday, May 05, 2011 by

Melita Mobile, the fastest growing mobile operator, has announced that following a public call for applications issued by the Malta Communications Authority it had been assigned frequencies within the 900MHz spectrum. This frequency, together with the planned investments, will enable Melita to further improve indoor coverage.

The 900MHz spectrum is traditionally used by GSM mobile operators and in Malta was used exclusively by the incumbent operators. “The assignment of spectrum within the 900MHz band is an important achievement for Melita Mobile as this brings us on a more level playing field with our competitors. Through investment that will follow, we will be able to complete our coverage plan and enhance our indoor coverage in areas which are otherwise difficult to reach”, said Mr Andrei Torriani, CEO at Melita.

From a technical point of view the importance of the new frequencies is due to their ability to reach deeper into buildings, particularly in places with thick walls or very dense development.

Mr Torriani added, “Our customers already get a great deal from a price point of view. We are by far the most affordable mobile operator in Malta. Melita has driven prices for Mobile calls in Malta down and this was even confirmed in reports issued by the European Commission. Our coverage has improved significantly following additional investments in 2010 and feedback from our customers. We are committed to offer a product and service at par with other operators, at more affordable prices.”

Recent statistics published by the Malta Communications Authority have shown that by the end 2010 Melita Mobile accounted for almost 16% of all mobile calls made by customers. This is a significant increase when compared to a share of about 8% of outgoing minutes in the same period of the previous year. More significantly, when one analyses the movements of existing mobile customers during all 2010, Melita Mobile was by far the biggest gainer.