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Monday, June 06, 2016

mcast_imageMelita Ltd has welcomed an invitation from the MCAST Foundation College to deliver a speech to those students who are following the Level 3 Computer Networks course. This talk included a brief description of Melita’s progress over the last years, while also detailing new technologies the company has been utilising and investing in. Students present showed interest in learning more about Melita Wifi, TV everywhere, as well as the new Data Centre facility.

MCAST students present were impressed by the variety of roles which comprise the Melita team. The most salient points were the strength of career growth and training opportunities available once employed with Melita. This was particularly intriguing for the audience who had the opportunity to meet past MCAST graduates who have now set up a career for themselves at Melita. All employees at Melita Ltd are considered equals and their well-being is constantly promoted throughout the company. Melita also supports the MCAST apprenticeship initiative, and students’ learning experiences with the guidance of a highly skilled team. As described by previous MCAST students, working at Melita gives an overview of different equipment and technologies, while presenting an opportunity to learn and improve though working in a fun environment.

This has been an enriching experience for Melita representatives who firmly believe in young students’ development, especially when combined with the strength gained through a convergence of work-based learning.