Melita’s internet more reliable than EU average

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 by

Melita, the fastest internet service provider in Malta, has received yet another quality certificate by international broadband monitor The results on the site’s “promise index” benchmark the difference between advertised speeds and actual speeds received by customers. In this index Melita scores a very high 95.38% compared to an EU average of 85.28%.

“Our commitment is clear. With our Fibre Power products we want to offer a broadband internet service nationwide that is superfast, reliable but also affordable. These latest results confirm we are delivering on our promise”, commented Ms Mireille Muscat, Melita’s product manager for Internet and Telephony.

The success and reliability of Melita’s Fibre Power internet are more evident when put into context against other bigger countries such as Italy, UK and France which scored on the promise index 67%, 72% and 60% respectively. The performance of certain operators against their promise speeds is cause of concern for customers and authorities alike.

Unlike traditional broadband packages starting from 5 Megabits per second download speeds, Fibre Power packages start from 25 Megabits per second all the way to 100 Megabits per second downloads. This is possible thanks to a new cable technology introduced by Melita earlier this year called DOCSIS 3.0 in collaboration with networking giants CISCO.

Ms Muscat added, “The most successful bundle currently on offer is the one whereby customers get the superfast Fibre Power 25Mbps connection and Home Telephony with unlimited local calls for as low as €25 per month. Through the month of November we are also waiving off installation fees so we are expecting an even bigger take up on this bundle. This offer not only gives our customers access to high speed internet but also reduces their monthly bills on telephony.”

Recently-published results by the same independent international website show that Melita’s average download speed is faster that the average speed of other EU countries. Melita’s download speed is also faster than Malta’s average and almost three times faster than other local operators using either DSL or Wi-Max technology.

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