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Order your prepaid sim card online and choose from 2 GB data or 60 minutes for free to enjoy for the next 30 days. Best part? We’ll have it delivered the next working day!

Free 2 GB Data or 60 mins to any local number for 30 days

Do you love to talk or you’re more of an online person? Choose between free minutes or free data for you to enjoy in the next 30 days!

Free next day delivery to your home

Stay safe and stay connected. You’ll have it in hands the next working day.

Keep your

It’s as easy as 123! Just fill in the porting form with a copy of your ID card and send it to us.

Distance doesn’t have to be Distant

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1. Fill in your details and select your freebie

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2. We will contact you to confirm your order

Free sim card delivery

3. SIM card will be delivered right to your doorstep

More information:
  1. Although Melita aims to deliver your SIM the earliest possible time, next workday delivery depends on capacities and COVID-19 measures and cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Your preferred free benefit is going to be added to your number after the delivery of the SIM and it will be confirmed via SMS sent to your number. Any usage done before you receive such confirmation from us will be rated at default prepaid rates.

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