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Smart Recommendations

TV's never been better, whether you're a nature nut, a film fan or a cartoon-crazy kid, there's worlds of entertainment waiting to be discovered. Melita NexTV gives you detailed programme information to help you choose and recommends programmes you're likely to enjoy. Your NexTV Decoder remembers what you watch, then searches through mountains of programme information so you don't have to.

Simply select the Recommended button to start discovering. Choose from personalised suggestions in Recommended for you or browse through the Most popular programme ribbon and find out what's showing in living rooms around Malta and Gozo.

Play this short video to discover how

Play this short video to discover how

More of what you enjoy

Bookmark your favourite programmes using the star key on your remote control, and NexTV gets even smarter by suggesting similar programmes to the ones you like. All you have to do is go to your Favourites folder, select a programme and ask for recommendations, you'll see suggestion based on the the programme itself in More like this and you'll also be able to crowdsource your screen time by scanning though People who watched this also watched.

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