To test the speed of your cable modem connection, please click the link provided below.

Note that the speed of your computer also plays a role in this test, as well as any other applications running in the background.

Before the test, kindly close all open windows and running applications (especially any file sharing software), and make sure that your computer is not infected with any viruses, trojan horses, worms or spyware.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for this test to work.

Melita has partnered with the internationally renowned SpeedTest.Net which offers free access to an impartial and interactive internet speed and quality test.

Click on Madliena, Malta to measure your Internet connection speed directly from Melita’s core.

» Preferred browsers – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide more accurate speed test results.

Click here to start the cable modem speed test

Kindly make sure you are performing this test from a cable modem connection.