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Melita has the most powerful networks in Europe: nationwide gigabit internet, 5G mobile and - for the technically minded - NB-IoT. Our networks make Malta the most digitally connected country in Europe and, with your help, we want to keep it that way.

We're rooted in Malta, but with Swedish shareholders and operations in Europe, our outlook is international - an outlook that's reflected in our inclusive culture and diverse team.

We're very hands on, our employees not only keep the TV on and the phones connected; we develop digital platforms & inhouse applications, analyse data, create communication campaigns, nurture customer relationships, answer technical questions, balance the books, keep each other happy…and more!

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Competitive compensation

Our packages are designed for high-achieving people who are bold in spirit, driven to succeed and reliable. We offer competitive salaries, commission, financial incentives and benefits related to performance. Extra goodies include health insurance for you and your immediate family, plus internet, mobile, TV, telephone services, onsite parking, emotional & psychological support, extra days of leave & a number of corporate discounts.

Competitive compensation
Growth and development

Growth and development

All our new team members take part in an on-boarding induction programme tailored to their experience and their role – don’t worry it’s a lot more fun than it sounds! After that you’ll get the opportunity to attend in-house and external training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, team building activities and even complete online courses through our e-learning system. We believe the most relevant learning is on-the-job, so as part of our performance reviews we plan new challenges and opportunities to thrive in our fast-moving, cutting edge technology environment.

Open doors - open minds

Our CEO, and all our managers, have an open-door policy and are ready to listen. We all take part in workshops and annual employee surveys; our ideas and concerns are considered and built into our company plans.

We value diversity, promote equality and challenge unfair discrimination. We always aim to recruit the person who is most suited to the job and welcome people of all backgrounds. We particularly encourage applications from women, people with disabilities and other diverse backgrounds, as we want our company to be more representative.

Melita has held the Equality Mark from the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality since 2010, and in 2021 was one of the first organisations in Malta to be awarded the HR Quality Mark by The Foundation for Human Resources.

Open doors - open minds
Healthy body - healthy mind

Healthy body - healthy mind

We're proud of our positive working atmosphere, with a lot of decisions discussed in our state-of-the-art canteen, complete with chill-out chairs, billiards, smart TV and one of the greenest views in Malta. But we're not just office bound, we get out and about for parties and other activities throughout the year.

Here are a few things in place at Melita to help:

  • Free therapy sessions with The Richmond Foundation
  • Over 90 of our team, and most of our managers are trained in Mental First Aid
  • Wellness days
  • Silver Certification for Mental Health First Aider Skilled Workplace
  • High standards of Health & Safety
  • Vision Tests
  • Sun Protection & PPE
  • Trained First Aiders & Fire Wardens

Meet the HR team

We'll be the people helping you find out if Melita is for you. If it is, and you join us, we're the ones who'll be taking care of the culture around you, your work environment, training and career opportunities.

Meet the HR team