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How we'll care for you, our Customer Service Promises.

In 2016 we asked you what you wanted from us and built our Customer Service Promises around your answers. Today, and every day, we measure ourselves on how well we're doing in fulfilling these promises.

Our Care Promise

We promise to do our very best to handle your query in a way that satisfies you. We listen to all our customers and measure ourselves on how happy you are with our service.

Customer Service Score Rating

Overall customer satisfaction

Thanks for your feedback

Whenever we serve you, whether it's in our stores, on our online chat or when we visit you at home, we follow up by asking you how we're doing. We truly value all your feedback, and we're really happy that you tell us we're doing well; so well, that if we were a hotel TripAdvisor would give us a rating of 'fabulous'.

Internet Promise

We offer 1,000 Mbps, gigabit internet nationwide so giving you some of the best internet speeds in the world is something we take very seriously. Here's our Speed Guarantee: all our internet subscribers will reach the download and upload speeds they are subscribed to when connected to our internet modem via a wired connection.

Find out more about getting the best from our internet service by clicking here.

Here's an easy way to check your internet speed:

  • Connect your device to our internet modem through an ethernet cable (we supply one with all our modems, it's usually yellow)

  • Click here to run the speed test

  • If your connection fails to reach the advertised speed repeatedly at different times during the day, please click here to run your own Diagnostic Test to quickly check and solve any issues.

During times when lots of people in Malta are online, it's possible that your internet speed may be temporarily lower, we continually invest in our network to limit such times as much as possible. However, if you are consistently not able to reach the advertised speed, at different times of day, please get in contact so we can get you up to speed.

Repair Promise

Our team of specialised network engineers are dedicated to keep the network running smoothly. Nevertheless there are days when things go wrong. If for some reason your TV, fixed telephony or internet service are totally unavailable to you, meaning you have no service, we promise to fix the problem within one working day from the time we receive your report.

To check your problem, please click here to run your own Diagnostic Test in order to check and solve any issues.

Install Promise

We promise to install our services within two working days from when you sign up, in areas where our network is in place. Our network covers nearly all homes in Malta and Gozo, so we've probably got you covered.

Installation Customer Service Promise

One more promise to you

We want you to be happy and satisfied with our services. If there's anything you think we could do to serve you better please send us an email on

We promise we'll answer you within one working day, please make sure you give us a phone number where we can reach you between 8am and 8pm.

If you still feel we could do more, please write to our Chief Executive Officer, Harald Roesch, by emailing or sending a letter to

Harald Rösch, Chief Executive Officer,
Melita Ltd, Gasan Centre,
Triq il-Merghat, Zone 1, Central Business District,
Birkirkara, CBD 1020