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Mobile Prepaid Plans - Best value when you top up

Top up plans with free local calls

Our most popular plan has:

  • 20 GB mobile data with Auto Top Up
  • Free calls to all Melita numbers
  • 200 local call minutes to non-Melita numbers
  • International calls from only €0.22/min and SMS from only €0.07/SMS
  • 50% savings on your next 6 Passes

Best value with your Pockit Pass!


Unlimited calls to all Melita numbers. Plus up to 200 extra minutes to other numbers - and lots of SMS!


Choose how much data you need – from 500 MB to a massive 20 GB and get online super quick, super smooth.

International Minutes & SMS

Stay connected without breaking the bank - international calls from just €0.22/min and SMS from as low as €0.07. Click here to get rates by country.

Top Up

Subscribe to Auto Top Up and enjoy double data on any Pockit pass - up to 40 GB!

Get your SIM for €10 and enjoy Pass M

Limited time offer for new customers: automatically get 50% off your next 6 passes!

Get Auto Top Up and enjoy double data across all passes. Check out the difference in data when choosing Auto Top Up or Top Up.

SMS name of Pockit Pass to 16860 or go to MyMelita to get your Pockit Pass.

Your top up lasts longer with Pockit

Don't want to use a Pockit Pass? Run out of your bundle? Our updated out-of-bundle rates won't make a dent in your pocket.






2c/MB *

*Calculated from Go's data charges: €2 per 100 MB. Per MB charging is not available.













Price comparison as of 31st July 2023

Rates include VAT and exclude excise tax.

Terms apply
More information
  1. Easily keep your existing number with Melita by downloading the Mobile Porting Form from here, by submitting it along with a copy of your ID card to or by visiting our outlets. Please ensure accurate details matching your current operator are provided for a successful Port-in process.
  2. Bundle prices include VAT and 4% excise tax, but exclude any other taxes. Default rates are inclusive of VAT but exclude any other taxes.
  3. Upon consumption or expiry of any benefit, default prepaid rates will apply.
  4. Your Pockit Pass is valid for 28 days from day of order, and will automatically renew if you have sufficient credit on your account.
  5. The above benefits are available in Malta and whilst roaming in the EU and UK. Roaming rates and details can be found here.
  6. Follow these links to read the applicable terms: General, Mobile.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for these prepaid SIM card bundles?

Check that you have enough credit, dial *121# to check, and then just send an SMS to 16860 with the name of the pass you want – Pass S or Pass M or Pass L – we’ll send you two SMS to confirm your bundle is available and then you’re good to go!

How long does my Pockit pass last?

Your Pockit pass benefits will last for 28 days.

What happens after 28 days?

Your Pockit pass will automatically renew, as long as you have enough credit. If you were on Pockit Pass S you’ll need €5 credit, Pockit Pass M, you’ll need €10 credit, if on Pockit Pass L, you’ll need €15. All your benefits will start again when your plan renews any leftover calls, SMS or data will be lost.

How can I top up my SIM Card?

To top up you can either buy one of our top up vouchers from any of our shops or any of our resellers or top up online via MyMelita. Anyone who has a MyMelita account can top up for you by entering your mobile number so don’t worry if you don’t have a MyMelita account yet.

How do I switch between Pockit passes?

Just choose your new plan on MyMelita, send an SMS to 16860 (include the new plan name in the SMS text, ie Pockit Pass L) or get in contact on Facebook messenger or here on the website, using the chat window bottom right.

I don’t want a data bundle, what benefits do I get?

If you do not wish to get a Pockit Pass standard rates apply for data, calls and SMS: 1c/MB, 10c/minute, 2c/SMS.

How can I switch from my current provider?

To switch to Melita all you need to do is purchase a Melita SIM from any one of our shops or call and we will deliver one straight to your door. It’s important to let our sales people know that you wish to keep your current number so that we can fill in the mobile porting form and switch your number to Melita. It’s easy and hassle free!

How do I get Auto Top up?

When subscribing to Auto Top Up you get double the data on any Pockit pass. You can subscribe through MyMelita, it’s very easy. Just go on My Top Ups, choose the mobile number you want to top up, select Auto Top Up and continue as normal. Voila enjoy double data on us. 😉

Can I stop Auto Top Up?

Yes, you can stop Auto Top Up any time from MyMelita.

How does Auto Top Up work?

Every time you need to renew your Pockit Pass the payment will be automatically charged on your bank card giving you double data on any pass!
If you use up all your data, all your calls or all your SMS before 28 days, your bundle will not be renewed unless you choose to renew before the 28 days.

Where can I buy a Top up card or a Melita Pre paid SIM?

Select your preferred location from the list below to find out your nearest outlet.

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones

Guess what? There's no need to break the bank to get your hands on the mobile phone that you've always wanted.

Going Abroad
Going Abroad?

When travelling to the EU, you can use your call, SMS and data bundles as you would in Malta. Check out the rates for other countries here.

International Calls
International Calls

Making international calls has never been easier or cheaper. Check out our international call rates here.