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Bye bye clunky SIM cards, hello eSIM!

This virtual SIM is sleek, secure and can transform your phone into a dual-SIM device. Imagine: one SIM for professional life and another for personal adventures - perfect for work-life harmony!

  • eSIM is Available across all our mobile plans!
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eSIM Benefits

Instant Connectivity
Order your eSIM, Scan our QR, and voila - you're in the matrix!
Dual-number magic
Got an eSIM phone? Many will let you add another phone number. Double the fun, half the fuss!
Strong & secure
Here's the eSIM edge: it's un-droppable, un-losable, and as strong as the device it calls home.

Getting your eSIM

  • 1Check Compatability

    Go to Settings, if SIM Manager offers you the option to add a mobile plan or eSIM, you're good! If you're still not sure, check your phone or device specs to ensure it has an embedded SIM, or eSIM.

  • 2Ask for eSIM

    Whether you already a Melita mobile customer, or are looking at a new plan, you can choose eSIM with all our mobile plans, from our Endless Postpaid plans to our budget-friendly Prepaid Pockit plan.

  • 3Scan or click

    We'll send you an email with a QR code and a link. Scan the QR code or click on the link to activate your eSIM. Hey presto - ready to go!

Our mobile plans

Whether you're calling or travelling to far flung destinations, or simply need a mobile plan to suit your 'Pockit', we have a plan for you.


Endless mobile plans for all-you-can eat data, calls and SMS on our nationwide 5G network.


Get the best default rates, free local calls to all Melita number - fixed and mobile

28 or under?

Think millennials are old-school? We have an Endless plan specially for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a chip that is already in your phone or device. Using the eSIM means you don’t have to get a physical SIM; you can quickly and easily get connected immediately.

How do I know if my phone has an eSIM?

Go to Settings, if SIM Manager offers you the option to add a mobile plan, cellular plan or eSIM, you’re good! Or you can check your phone specs, these will either be with your phone, or available to view or download online. All iPhones released after XS or XR are eSIM capable.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Let’s hope you don’t but, it does happen! Contact us via online chat on our website and we’ll suspend your service for you.

What happens if I change my phone, can I still use my eSIM?

Your eSIM QR code and link are single-use: once you’ve activated your eSIM, you won’t be able to activate a second time. Contact us to get a new eSIM, normal eSIM charges will apply.

Can I use more than one eSIM in my phone?

Some eSIM phones will let you store multiple eSIM, however most can only support one eSIM in use at a time. Go to Settings on your phone or check your device specs to find out how many you can add.

I am buying a new phone, how can I check if it has an eSIM?

You might want to use the eSIM filter on our Smartphone page – this is a quick way to see the range of phones available with eSIM. 

Can I use eSIM with my wearable device?

If your device is eSIM capable, you can use any of our plans which suit your needs.