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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to any personal information which is given by You to Us (“User Information”) via this web site. This Policy is devised to help you feel more confident about the privacy and security of your personal details. “You” shall mean you, the user of the Site. “We/Us” means Melita Limited and any member of “Users” means the users of the Site collectively and/or individually as the context allows. We process personal data only in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and any other applicable legislation.

 Data Collection

When using the Site and its services You may encounter areas such as games, competitions, video services and other features, where You may be asked to enter User Information. Such User Information will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and for the purposes for which it was collected, for any other purposes specified at the collection point.

 How We May Use Your Data

By entering Your User Information via this Site You accept that we may retain Your User Information and that it may be held by Us or any third party company which processes it on Our behalf.

We shall be entitled to use Your User Information for the following purposes:

  1. market research, including statistical analysis of user behaviour which we may disclose to third parties in depersonalised, aggregated form;
  2. in order to enable Us to comply with any requirements imposed on Us by law or court order; and
  3. in order to send You periodic communications (including but not limited to SMS or e-mail), about features, products and services, events and special offers related to our similar products and services. Such communications from Us may carry advertising for third party companies or organisations. For your convenience you can withdraw consent by replying to the “unsubscribe” link in e-mails from Us. Please also note that we do not disclose Your User Information to third parties to enable them to send You direct marketing without Your permission to do so.


You should be aware that by using the site, information and data may be automatically collected through the use of Cookies. “Cookies” are small text files that store basic information that a web site can use to recognise repeat site visits and, as an example, recall your name if this has been previously supplied. We may use this information to observe your internet use and to compile data in order to improve the Site, target the advertising and assess general effectiveness of such advertising.

Cookies do not attach to Your system or damage Your files. If You do not want information collected through the use of Cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows You to deny or accept the Cookies feature. Note, however, that “personalised” services may be affected if the Cookies option is disabled.

‘Chat’ widgets

Widgets utilise Cookies in order to enable you to sign in to our service and help personalise your online experience. The chat widget will store your unique identifying number and time of signing in. These Cookies will allow you to move from one page to another within the service without having to sign-in again. Upon signing out the Cookies are deleted.

The live chat widget sets the following Cookies:

  1. _zclid to store the Melita Live Chat identifying number used to identify a device across visits, and also across a single chat session; and
  2. _zprivacy to store the user’s preference to disable Live Chat, and cease using Cookies. The _zprivacy Cookie is stored across visits.

When you interact with Melita through this service, we receive and store certain information, which is collected passively using various cookies and similar technologies, and cannot be used to identify you.


When displaying or clicking on Melita advertisement from Our advertisers pages, two cookies named pp1302 and ma can be set on Your device. These cookies contain IDs that provide information about Our Advertisers webpage, the advertising material, and the contact time. This information is used to process the commission of our advertiser in the case of a logged conversion (for example, a sale, or a registration, etc.). In addition, information about the device (anonymized IP, operating system, browser version) is collected in order to improve the service and to prevent abuse. These cookies are set on Your device for a period of 30 days. If you do not wish that Your session is tracked, you can object to the use of your data by clicking object. In this event, a cookie with the name ‘tr_optout’ will be placed on your device. This cookie must not be deleted, so that the opt-out remains effective. Should you delete this cookie, we would not be able to satisfy your request for subsequent visits to our website. The opt-out cookie is currently not set.

Security and Data Retention

Security is very important to Us. Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) encryption technology is used for protection of information in transit for any sensitive transactions such as payments. Additional security procedures are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Your User Information.


By logging in on MyMelita the ‘mm’ cookie will be placed on your device which will help us provide you with personalised recommendations based on your current subscription once you visit our website. This information is not passed to third parties. Upon signing out from your MyMelita account, this cookie is deleted. We also make sure that we refresh the cookie history from time to time for your added security. Should you prefer not to be provided with personalised recommendations, kindly click here.

Google Analytics

Upon visiting our website your browser automatically sends certain data, such as the web address of the page you are visiting and your IP address to Google. Google Analytics is a product which helps website owners to have a better understanding on how visitors engage in their sites. More information on how Google Analytics collects and processes such data can be found at www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/


If you are browsing via Google, upon visiting our website your browser automatically sends certain data, such as the web address of the page you are visiting and your IP address to Google. Google will then allow adverts related to the web page you visited to pop up on your Google or browsing session.  Therefore Customers who visit Melita’s website or use their mobile app upon searching on Google will see adverts relevant to Melita’s products which they have been browsing. For Google to be able to process this information it makes use of cookies. Cookies are a small file saved on Customer’s computers to help store preferences and other information that is used on webpages that you visit. Customers can can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings – http://www.google.com/settings/ads


If you are a Facebook user and are logged on your Facebook account or have consented that your Facebook account remains logged on, upon visiting our website your browser automatically sends certain data, such as the web address of the page you are visiting and your IP address to Facebook. Facebook will then allow adverts related to the web page you visited to pop up on your Facebook page. More information as to how this process works can be found at https://www.facebook.com/about/basics/facebook-and-advertising/from-other-websites-and-apps/


You may notify Us of any updates, amendments and corrections to previously collected User Information by using the Contacts section of the site. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time and you should check it regularly. Your use of the Melita website will be subject to the Privacy Policy on the Site at the time of each use.

Acceptable Usage Policy

We will process your User Information in order to monitor compliance with and enforce our Acceptable Usage Policy.


Any queries or comments about this policy should be forwarded to info@melitaltd.com.

Any site that you may connect to from here is not covered by this Privacy Policy.