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  • Roam Like at Home with 5G data in EU & UK – and USA till March 31st 2024.



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ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Award

The ICERTIAS Customers' Friend award is an independent award that asseses companies on four pillars: Reputation, User Experience, Trust, Communication and Social. The level of 'Superior Excellence' is awarded to companies with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 across all categories.

Best Buy Award

ICERTIAS, an international consumer research organization, has honoured us with the Best Buy award which acknowledges products and services that offer unparalleled value for money. 1,200 adults were surveyed in Malta, where Melita Mobile was chosen as offering the best combination in price and quality.

No. 1

1,200 people across Malta had their vote.

Thanks for voting us Malta's No 1 mobile provider on price and quality.


Roam like at home, further from home.

30 GB roaming data, Endless calls and SMS in the EU, UK – and till March 31, 2024 – the USA!


Your feedback helps us improve!

Our customer satisfaction is over 9/10, but we're still aiming higher!


Fancy a 5G handset to enjoy our nationwide 5G network?

Our Endless customers get great deals, from budget basics to the latest models.

More benefits, more savings: All in+ mobile plans.

If you're looking for added value, our internet customers get bigger savings, the more plans they buy, with All in+ and Flexi Bundle.

Choose to include: Top 5G speeds, Best value roaming data in 70+ countries beyond the EU or Endless international calls - from Australia to the USA!

More information
Keeping your existing number when joining Melita is easy as 123
  1. Click here to download a copy of the Mobile Porting Form
  2. Send us an email with the form together with a copy of the ID card on or visit one of our outlets.
It is important that when filling the Mobile Porting Form, the details; including personal information, should match that of the other operator, else the Port-in process will not be successful. Terms & Conditions
  1. €0.50 discount applies for customers paying by Direct Debit (DD) or pre-authorised credit card (PACC).
  2. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Excise tax or any other taxes which may be applicable are excluded.
  3. All prices indicated are subject to a 24 month Term.
  4. Endless Mobile Data Plans are not eligible for the All in+ offering
  5. If you would like to receive paper bills a €2 charge applies. Have you tried our MyMelita online portal? It's very convenient and you can follow your usage and bills and pay online. Click here.
  6. Follow these links to read the terms for Endless Essential, Full Speed, Jetset Mobile Plans, Endless Data Mobile Plans, Handset Offer Terms & Conditions, Standard T's & C's, Tariff rates and Schedule of Charges.
  7. Follow these links to read the terms for Flexi bundle: TV in Flexi bundle, Internet in Flexi bundle, Telephony in Flexi bundle, Mobile in Flexi bundle and StellarWiFi T&C's
  8. The above benefits are available in Malta and whilst roaming in the EU & UK with the exclusion of Endless International calls and SMS to Australia, Canada, China and USA. Roaming rates and details can be found here.

You can now roam like at home in USA and Moldova in the same way you would in EU and UK. Promo ends 31st March 2024.

Going Abroad?

When travelling to the EU and the UK and - till March 31st - the USA, use your call, SMS and data allowances on your Melita mobile postpaid plan as you would in Malta.

Check out the rates for other countries here.

International Calls

Making international calls has never been cheaper – see our international rates.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my mobile plan later?

Yes, you can change within our All in+ plans (Endless Essential, Endless Full Speed or Endless JetSet).

If you are on Endless Essential, and would like to get Full Speed – you can simply get in touch and get the extra speed.

If you’d like to change between our standard plan and All in+ plans, just get in touch with us!

Can I swap from one Endless plan to another?

If you’d like to change between our standard plans and All in+ plans, we’ll need to change your contract. For more details, please contact us.

I am a Melita home internet customer, how do I get discounts on my mobile plan?

When you are choosing your mobile plans, select that you are a Melita internet customer; the maximum discounts will be applied automatically.

Can I choose to put different mobile plans on different bills?

Yes you can, but to get the All in+ discounts the mobile plans and your home internet need to be on the same bill.

How many Endless All in+ mobile plans can I add to my Melita home internet and get the All in+ discounts?

You can add up to five Endless All in+ mobile plans to your Melita fixed home internet. Each Endless mobile plan will have the same benefits as the first Endless plan you added.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th Endless plans will be at the same price as the 3rd.

All the Endless mobile plans will show on the same bill. Endless Value plan (Endless Value and Endless Value Youth plans) are not eligible for All in+ discounts.

What if I no longer need all the mobile plans, for example if I took three and now only need two?

The cheapest plan would be automatically removed. So, if you had three Endless plans, paying €15.99 for the third plan, this would be removed.

You would continue paying €20.99 for the second plan, and the All in+ discounted price for your first plan (€23.99 for Endless Essential, €29.99 for Endless Full Speed, or €34.99 for Endless JetSet).

I have All in+ Endless mobile plans with discounts as I am a Melita internet customer, what happens if I stop my Melita internet – if I move house for example?

If you were to stop your Melita fixed home internet, the cost of your Endless mobile plans would increase to the standard cost. The All in+ savings are exclusively for our home fixed internet customers.

How can I benefit from Roam Like at Home in USA and Moldova?

You can now roam like at home in USA and Moldova in the same way you would in EU and UK! Same rates and conditions apply whether you are roaming in EU, UK, USA or Moldova until March 31st, 2024.

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