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Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and policies applicable to the services and offers issued by Melita from time to time.


Prepaid Standard Terms
Auto Top-up
Pre-paid Standard
Pockit Prepaid Plans
Pockit Top-up Offer
Traveller Prepaid Plans
Traveller Prepaid eSIM Offer
Hybrid Plans
Legacy Terms
Samsung Galaxy S24 Launch Promotion
Samsung Galaxy Gifts Bundle Promotion
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 pre order promotion
Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 launch promotion
Free Galaxy Buds promotion with Samsung Galaxy S22 series handset
Djuno Top-up Offer – 27/07/2023
Surfer, Streamer, Zoomer and Racer Mobile Plans
Big Blue Unlimited 5/10/ 30 Mobile Plan
Redtouch – Unlimited 3 Mobile Plan
Redtouch Flow Mobile Plan
Unlimited3, Unlimited10, and Unlimited20 Mobile Plan
Double Data Offer with Unlimited Calls and SMS Mobile Plan with 1GB
Unlimited Calls and SMS Mobile Plan with 1GB or 5GB
Budget Control Mobile Plan
Handset / Device Offer – 21/03/2022
HiTalk Hybrid Plan (now known as Budget Control Mobile Plan)
Total Control Value plan
Hybrid Handset Offer
Total Control €25.50 Plan (01/01/2014)
Melita Limited Edition SIM Card
Total Control €21 Plan (01/01/2014)
MelitaWiFi – against payment
Pay Monthly Unlimited Value Plan
Total Connect (01/12/2009)
Pay monthly Magic (M) €20.50
“The One” Pay-Monthly Mobile Plan
Unlimited Top-up Offer
Tentastic Top-ups Offer
Extension of ‘Unlimited’ Pay Monthly
Mobile Data Bundle
Internet Bundle – Unlimited Magic
SMS Bundle – Unlimited Magic
Pay-Monthly Unlimited – Magic
Melita Connector
Melita on the move
Member gets Member Offer
Video Calling
Mobile Internet (WAP)
Pre-paid Standard – 27/06/2023
Mobile Internet (web)
SMS Bundle – Prepaid
SMS Bundle – Postpaid
Pay monthly (24-month contract)
Pay monthly (15-month contract)
Unlimited Pay monthly (24 months)