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Telephony €10.49/month Offer

The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of Melita plc’s (“Melita”) telephony offer (“the Offer”). Access to the benefits of this Offer is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By partaking in this Offer, you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions, without modification. For more information, please phone 27270270.
1. This Offer starts from the 8th April 2010 (“Start Date”) and will continue until the 30th June 2010 (“End Date”), both days inclusive.
2. This Offer is only valid to new Melita telephony subscribers (“the Customers”) who subscribe to a new Melita telephony connection between the Start Date and the End Date as defined above and subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Offer. Existing Melita telephony subscribers who hold an active account as of the Offer’s Start Date are not considered as being new Melita telephony subscribers and are therefore not eligible to benefit from the Offer. With regard to the Customers benefiting from the Offer, the Offer will commence when their account is successfully activated by Melita.
3. Any Customer eligible for this Offer will benefit from free installation of the telephony service and unlimited local fixed line usage at a flat rate of €10.49 per month, inclusive of VAT. For the purpose of this promotion and for the avoidance of any doubt, unlimited fixed line usage refers to all calls made to any fixed-line telephony network in Malta and does not include calls made to any local mobile network and/or to any international number. Charges for calls to local mobile networks shall be at €0.23 per minute and charges for calls to international numbers shall be at the standard rates.
4. Customers partaking in this Offer agree and accept to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which should be read in conjunction with Melita’s Standard Telephony Terms and Conditions, a copy of which are available on Melita’s website.
5. In the eventuality that the Customer during the Offer period fails to meet any of the payments due, Melita reserves the right to suspend/terminate the Offer with respect to that particular Customer.
6. When subscribed to an unlimited service Melita will not limit your bandwidth or set monthly thresholds, your service will remain unlimited. Nevertheless, your use of the service is subject to your using it for private, personal and legitimate consumer purposes. You should not use the service in an illegal manner causing congestion and threats to the security of the network. Should such a situation arise Melita will not apply restrictions to your download capacity, but will first make reasonable efforts to contact you.
7. These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with Melita’s Standard Terms and Conditions, with Melita Telephony Terms & Conditions, and with any other relevant terms and conditions.
8. Melita reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Offer and these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice.