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Home internet will never be the same again

Malta's fastest home internet is now here. We give you peace of mind with super reliable WiFi in every room of your house.

Whether you're working from home, using social media in the kitchen, gaming in the living room or binge-watching YouTube videos in your bedroom, we keep your family connected.

30 Mbps to 1,200 Mbps

Small household? Choose 30 Mbps or 150 Mbps Internet Fibre Power.
Lots of devices, lots of people? Choose 500, 1,000 or 1,200 Mbps Internet Fibre Power + NexTV + telephone landline.

The fastest home internet across Malta and Gozo

Superfast WiFi in every room of your house. Our StellarWiFi Pods ensure just that - reliable internet with high speed in every corner of your home.

StellarWiFi intelligently manages the internet service for every device in every room, providing you with top range, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it. You can walk room-to-room on a FaceTime call, stream your favorite 4K content or download a large work file - all at the same time.

Switch to super reliable StellarWiFi with 1,000 Mbps from only a month when you buy online.

Stream, game, surf and download as much as you like for the best WiFi performance across all your devices, across all your home.

Frequently asked questions

What is StellarWiFi?

StellarWiFi creates your very own WiFi mesh network. It adapts to how you use it, so you always get the best WiFi speed where you need it, when you need it, giving you the most reliable and consistent home WiFi experience.

How do I check my home internet speed?

Use a cable to connect directly from the modem to your laptop or computer.

Head to and then press Start.

After a few seconds, your download and upload speeds will be displayed.

How do I connect to Melita internet?

On your desktop, click the Network icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This will bring up a list of available connections.

Find the network name of your WiFi network and click on it.

Ensure Connect Automatically is ticked and then click Connect.

Enter your WiFi password. Click OK to finish.

What is the difference between router and modem?

The difference between a router and a modem is that a router connects multiple devices to Wi-Fi while a modem connects to the internet.

When you connect to WiFi, you’re really connecting to your router.

How do I secure my home internet?

Change the default name of your home WiFi, make your wireless network password unique and strong, make sure you have a good firewall, and disable the network name broadcasting to the general public.

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