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Umbrella from Cisco Cyber-secure your home

The more we’re online, the more we’re exposed to the risks of hackers, scammers and cyber criminals.

Our Umbrella cyber security service gives you safer browsing at home – simply.

  • Added layer of defence.
  • No software to install, no licences to buy.
  • On all devices connected to your home internet or WiFi.

attacks prevented

Cyber security that’s ahead of the game

Every day you decide if an email is real or malicious. If you can click or if you can’t. With Umbrella if you mistakenly click on a suspect link, the connection won’t go through and you’ll be notified of the potential risk.

Umbrella protects from phishing attacks and malware – malicious software which can infect your devices and put your personal data at risk – including specific threats such as Browser Hijackers, Trojans, Ransomware and Information Stealers.

If any of your devices are compromised, Umbrella prevents them from communicating with hackers' Command and control servers, helping to identify potentially infected devices on your network.

How it works

Umbrella is cloud-based, scanning for threats at the network level and guaranteeing individual privacy.

When you’re connected to the internet from your home from any device, all links clicked get checked instantaneously. Requests to malicious website domains are blocked before a connection is made.

Umbrella Process Explained Umbrella Process Explained

Benefits Umbrella brings

Zero touch protection: no hardware to install, no software to update.

No impact on latency or browsing experience. Just added security and peace of mind.

Predictive protection: uses internet activity patterns to identify attacks before they happen.

Umbrella: cyber threats neutralised in the last 30 days

Melita FAQs

What type of websites will be blocked?

Umbrella does not block any type, or category of website.  Umbrella does not control access to a particular website or type of content.

Umbrella is not a substitute for parental controls which can be set on your children’s devices or via our StellarWiFi service to ensure access to age-appropriate content.

How much is? How do I get for free?

Umbrella is part of our Flexi Bundle offering. Umbrella is available at no extra charge with the Flexi Bundle faster internet speeds. Umbrella is €1/month with the Flexi Bundle starter pack, which gives 300 Mbps fibre powered internet.

How does Umbrella work?

Umbrella is a network level, cloud-based cyber security service which directs browsing via the global Umbrella network.  When the browser submits a domain name request, or the customer clicks on a link, the internet address is compared to a database of known suspect sites from Cisco Talos Intelligence.  If the request is safe, browsing continues as normal.  If the site the browser is attempting to access is malicious, the access request won’t go through, and the user will be notified.

How does Umbrella predictive protection work?

Cyber attacks are often preceded by particular internet activity patterns. Umbrella uses Cisco Talos intelligence, statistical models and the latest security research to learn from internet activity patterns and detect potential attacks before they happen.

Will my browsing be affected?

Your normal browsing will not be affected, as Umbrella works instantly at a network level.

Umbrella will only prevent browsing on sites which are malicious, or suspected of being malicious: sites which are being used by cyber criminals, and where your devices or personal data are at risk.

Am I protected when I’m browsing the internet on my smartphone?

Umbrella works on your home internet connection.  If you are on a mobile device, browsing the internet via your home WiFi, you are protected.  However, if you are browsing using mobile data to access the internet via a 5G or 4G cellular network, Umbrella protection will not be active.

Is browsing completely safe with Umbrella?

Umbrella cyber security service is a major improvement in the fight against cyber criminals, using AI to predict and prevent attacks.  However, there is no 100% security solution, so please remain vigilant for scams and phishing.  Simple steps you can take are outlined here.

Please be aware that Umbrella will not protect you if you download an email attachment that contains malware.

What is malware?

Malware is ‘Malicious Software’, designed to damage or steal data online. Malware can attack any device that is connected to the Internet and takes the form of ransomware, viruses, adware, or bots.