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The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of the MyMelita system developed by Melita. Access to and use of the MyMelita System (“MyMelita”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


1.1 By means of MyMelita a Customer can:

  1. view invoices and itemised usage issued in the past 6 months and an estimate of the usage on the Customer’s Account/s. If the Customer wishes to keep a record of invoices for personal use the invoices can be saved in PDF format or printed.
  2. carry out online payments using the Customer’s authorised credit/debit card and set up recurring payment methods in return for which the Customer settles in whole or in part the amount due on his/her billing invoice with Melita, or to top up his/her prepaid mobile plan; and
  3. manage his/her Melita services, and modify his/her details and personal preferences.

1.2 For the scope of these terms and conditions:

  1. “Account” means the Customer’s account for any of Melita’ services, including inter alia TV, telephony, mobile and internet services;
  2. “Customer” means ” the person named as Account Holder, who must also be the signatory to the Agreement with Melita and includes any person who we reasonably believe to be acting with your authority, and “your” shall be construed accordingly;
  3. “Invoice” means the invoice, which is calculated on the rates, and charges of the package/tariff plan to which a Customer is currently subscribed by means of an agreement with Melita;
  4. “Melita” means Melita Limited;
  5. “My Melita” is the web portal and/or the mobile application whereby a Customer registers in order to benefit from the web services made available through the internet systems by Melita.

2.1 Melita undertakes to:

  1. Provide the Customer with a secure system in accordance with the applicable law that enables the Customer to make credit/debit card payments;
  2. Guarantee the security of MyMelita as far as within its control;
  3. Take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect any information stored within its online systems provided at the point of its transmission to Melita;

2.2 Melita reserves the right to discontinue the availability of MyMelita at its discretion, in which case Customer will be notified accordingly in advance.

2.3 Melita reserves the right to change the service and the applicable Terms & Conditions at any time, in which case Customer will be notified accordingly in advance.

2.4 Disclaim insofar as legally possible responsibility for any loss or damage arising when placing the billing information on MyMelita upon registration with My Melita.


3.1 The Customer acknowledges that by subscribing to MyMelita he/she is subscribing to e-billing and therefore will not be in receipt of invoices via normal mail. When the invoice is available Melita will send you an email notification. The Customer can then log in via the My Melita account to view the invoice, download and print it as required. Invoices can be settled via the My Melita web portal. Should the Customer decide that he/she would like to continue receiving paper invoices he/she may do so via MyMelita. Paper invoices shall be subject to a monthly Paper Bill Charge of €2 as per Schedule of Charges.
3.2 The Customer acknowledges further that he/she shall:

  1. Input onto MyMelita, any information as may be requested by Melita in respect of personal and/or credit/debit card details;
  2. Input onto MyMelita only credit/debit card details which the Customer is legally authorised to use. In default of which, Customer would be deemed to be abusing of MyMelita and be in breach of these terms and conditions;
  3. To honour all payments originating and incurred through his/her usage of the Service/s he/she is subscribed to; ;
  4. Indemnify and hold harmless Melita for any losses suffered by Melita in the event that Customer is in material breach of any one or several of the terms and conditions contained herein;
  5. Not transfer any rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party;
  6. To notify Melita immediately in writing of any changes to Customer’s personal details, including email/postal address, as given to Melita on registering with ‘My Melita’.

3.3 The Customer understands and accepts that if an Account has more than one number registered on it, through MyMelita the registered user can view itemised mobile and fixed telephony usage for all the numbers listed on the Account.
3.4 Customer understands and accepts that he/she is hereby accepting responsibility for all transactions and use of MyMelita which originate through the ‘My Melita’ account and are transacted through MyMelita, and that all balances resulting from use of Melita’s Services shall be due and payable by Customer to Melita.

3.5 Customer understands and accepts, that it is his/her responsibility to maintain the security of his/her MyMelita login credentials and not disclose them to third parties, ensuring they are not stored in plain text on any computer or device. When accessing MyMelita from a shared device, the customer must log out after each use to prevent unauthorised access. If the password becomes known to any unauthorised user, it must be changed immediately through the MyMelita portal or by visiting a Melita retail outlet.
3.6 Customer understands and accepts that these terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with Melita’s Standard Terms and Conditions, any other document or policy referred to therein and any other terms and conditions applicable to a particular tariff.


4.1 Customers who settle their invoices via MyMelita shall receive an email confirming amount paid. This email is not a fiscal receipt. Your next invoice is the fiscal receipt.
4.2 Customers who top-up their pre-paid mobile account via MyMelita shall receive an email confirming amount paid. This email is a fiscal receipt. Customers shall not receive a hard copy receipt for the transaction.
4.3 Melita shall not be liable for any damages if an automated email is not issued.


5.1 Processing of Personal Data is carried out in line with Melita’s Data Protection Notice and Melita’s Website Privacy and Cookie Notice a copy of which are available on Melita’s website.