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Free Galaxy Buds promotion with Samsung Galaxy S22 series handset

Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions applicable to Customers purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S22 Series handset (“the Offer”) from Melita Limited (“Melita”).  Access to and use of this Offer is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. The Offer is applicable to purchases made between 9th May 2022 and 30th June 2022.
  2. Upon the purchase of any Samsung Galaxy S22 Series handsets being: the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22+ or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models, (“the Handset”), existing and new Customers will be eligible to receive one (1) pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds for free (“the Gift”), which corresponds to the Handset purchased.
  3. By providing the requested details within this form, upon availability Melita will contact the Customer to collect the Gift.
  4. Gift is subject to stock availability and not guaranteed. Customer understands that as this is a free Gift, no request for monetary compensation is awarded, in the event Gift is out of stock.
  5. The Gift is not exchangeable, transferable, or redeemable for cash.  
  6. The gift is subject to a twenty-four (24) month warranty period.
  7. Customers acquiring the Handset as part of Melita’s Handset Device Offer, the Handset / Device Offer Terms and Conditions shall apply. Customers terminating Melita’s Handset Device Offer prior to the lapse of the twenty-four (24) Month Term shall pay the remaining balance of the Handset, and the cost of the Gift.
  8. Your personal data shall be processed by Melita, and by any of its processors in accordance with Melita’s Data Protection Notice, the Data Protection Act (Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta) and all other applicable laws.
  9. Customers subscribing to this Offer shall also be bound by Melita’s Standard Terms and Conditions and any other relevant terms and conditions shall apply, provided that in case of conflict, these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  10. Melita reserves the right to suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Offer and these Terms and Conditions at any time.