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Redtouch Flow Mobile Plan

Redtouch – Flow

The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of the Redtouch Flow plan (the “Tariff”) being provided to a customer (the “Customer”) by Melita Limited (“Melita”). Access to and use of the Tariff is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 100 (call is free) from your Redtouch Melita Mobile number, or +356 77100100 from any other network.

  1. This Tariff will start from the 18thDecember 2018 and will continue thereafter unless and until it is terminated by Melita.
  2. This Tariff is available to existing Redtouch Customers entering into an agreement with Melita (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’).
  3. Customers subscribing to this Tariff will be charged a monthly tariff fee of €10.50 for this Tariff. Eligibility of the Tariff for Customers who have ported in their mobile numbers, shall start when the porting is successful.
  4. Customers subscribing to this Tariff shall benefit from:
    1. Every 15thof the month, the Customer is given an allowance which can be redeemed in either a maximum of 300 minutes to be used for calls to all local fixed and mobile networks or a maximum of 3GB of mobile data. Customer may vary the use of the monthly allowance.  Any unutilised allowance may be carried forward to the next month, for a maximum of two months, equivalent up to a maximum of 600 minutes or 6GB. Any additional minutes over and above the 600 minutes or additional mobile data over and above the 6GB shall be lost;
    2. Unlimited calls to RTF-Melita and Melita network;
    3. Unlimited SMS to all local networks;
    4. 20GB MelitaWiFi data per month;

Upon subscribing to this Tariff Customers will benefit of all the benefits listed in clause 4 above. Customers who subscribe before the 15th of the month will be given the full benefits upon subscription and again on the 15th of the month, whilst Customers joining after the 15th of the month shall receive the benefits listed in clause 4 upon subscription and again on the 15th of the following month. This double benefit shall apply only during the first month of subscription.

  1. Additional mobile data and calls to other fixed or mobile networks in access of the monthly topped up credit, international call/SMS and premium calls/SMS are available only through the Customer’s own top-up. Customer may top up through a physical scratch card, MyMelita or by sending a free SMS to 16833. By sending an SMS to 16833 a €5 credit is given which will be charged on the bill of the following month.

Customer may send a maximum of 4 top up SMS per day and a maximum of 10 top up SMS within the same month.
Rates for calls, SMS and data applicable to this Tariff, whether local or international, as well as roaming, will be charged as published on the Melita website Cost of Premium calls/SMS shall depend on the premium service. Access to premium calls/SMS is available only through the Customer’s own top-up.

  1. Customers subscribed to the Tariff may opt to subscribe to:
    1. 100 minutes to EU, AU, Canada, China and the US for an extra monthly charge of €3;
    2. 500 minutes to EU, AU, Canada, China and the US for an extra monthly charge of €10;
  2. Customers subscribed to the Tariff shall not be eligible to any other prepaid offer or promotion unless expressly stated by Melita. Any benefit, offer or promotion assigned to the Customer prior to subscribing to the Tariff shall be lost by the Customer upon subscription to this Tariff. Provided however that Existing Customers who were previously subscribed to other hybrid Tariffs will be allowed to keep and make use of any remaining credit.
  3. If the Customer terminates the Agreement, disconnects, downgrades or migrates onto a different tariff plan before the lapse of the 24 Month Term, Article 10 of the Standard Terms shall apply and any allowances and benefits shall be lost. Unutilised credit topped up by the Customer shall only remain available to the Customer if he migrates on any other hybrid Tariff or downgrades to prepaid.
  4. Any allowances and other benefits listed in clause 4 above, which have not been utilised during your agreement shall remain available to the Customer, only if the Customer remains subscribed to this Tariff. In case of migrations or terminations, unutilised allowances shall be lost.
  5. All charges deriving from this Tariff include VAT but exclude Excise Tax and any other applicable taxes, unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  6. Migration requests to any other tariff plan are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective tariff. Melita reserves the right not to entertain migration requests by Customers from this Tariff onto another tariff plan.
  7. Customers subscribing to this Tariff shall also be bound by Melita’s Standard Terms and Conditions and any other relevant terms and conditions shall apply, provided that in case of conflict these Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  8. When subscribed to an unlimited service Melita will not limit your bandwidth or set monthly thresholds, your service will remain unlimited. Nevertheless, your use of the service is subject to your using it for private, personal and legitimate consumer purposes. You should not use the service in an illegal manner causing congestion and threats to the security of the network. Should such a situation arise Melita will not apply restrictions to your download capacity, but will first make reasonable efforts to contact you.
  9. Melita reserves the right to suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Tariff and these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving you 30 days’ written notice of such amendments and such amendments shall automatically become part of these Terms and Conditions at the end of the said notice period. If you do not accept any such amendments, you have the right to migrate on to a different tariff plan or terminate the service without incurring any penalty during the 30 day notice period.