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SMS Bundle – Prepaid

The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of the SMS bundle (“the Offer”) being provided to a pre-paid customer (“the Customer”) by Melita Limited. (“Melita”). Access to and use of this service is subject to the following Terms. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 100 (call is free) from your Melita Mobile number, or + 356 77100100 from any other network.
1. Melita Customers who are on any Melita pre-paid tariff plan and who have sufficient credit in their account may subscribe to the two hundred fifty (250) SMS bundle for €5.
2. This Offer starts from the 10th July 2009 and will continue thereafter unless and until it is terminated by Melita.
3. The SMS bundle is valid for thirty (30) days from date of activation. Upon activation, the Customer shall be charged the full price of the bundle in advance. The price of the SMS bundle is not refundable either in whole or in part.
4. A Customer may opt in for the Offer by sending an SMS on the SMS number assigned to the Offer.
5. This Offer is only valid to texts to local operators whilst in Malta. International, roaming and premium text messages will be charged at the standard tariff rate.
6. When a Customer benefiting from the Offer uses up the entire bundle to which s/he has subscribed to, the Customer can send another SMS to the number assigned to this bundle to purchase another bundle and the Customer shall be charged the bundle applicable rate. Should the bundle be consumed, the Customer shall be charged the standard SMS rate according to the tariff plan the Customer is subscribed to. When the Customer sends SMSs before the bundle is activated and/or sends SMSs after the bundle expires, the Customer shall automatically be charged the standard rates according to the tariff plan the Customer is subscribed to.
7. A Customer cannot purchase more than one SMS bundle at one time. The current Offer has to run out before another bundle can be purchased. Once acquired, SMS bundles are non-refundable. The Offer might not be available on certain tariff plans.
8. If the Customer’s SMS bundle is not used up by the Customer within the thirty (30) day timeframe, the remaining unused SMSs will be lost and will not be carried forward. Unused SMSs cannot be redeemed for cash or otherwise transferred to another subscriber.
9. All charges deriving from this Offer include VAT and any other applicable taxes, unless otherwise explicitly stated.
10. Melita’s pre-paid Standard Terms and Conditions and any other relevant terms and conditions shall apply.
11. The Offer is applicable to most tariff plans offered by Melita.
12. Melita reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Offer and these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice.