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The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable in respect of the Entertainment Pack Bundle (“the Bundle “) being provided to customers (“the Customer”) by Melita plc (“Melita”). By partaking in this Bundle, you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions, without modification. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 27 270 270.
1. This Bundle will start from the 8th April 2011 and will continue thereafter unless and until the Bundle is terminated by Melita.
2. In order to benefit from the Bundle as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees to enter into an agreement with Melita plc for Digital TV and Internet services for a minimum Initial Term of twenty-four (24) months starting from the date of activation of the service. Customers, who are already subscribed to one or both services, may opt to switch to the Bundle subject to signing up to a minimum Initial Term of 24 months.
3. A Customer subscribed to the Bundle shall benefit from the following:
(i) A Melita Digital TV subscription (M, L, XL*);
(ii) Use of the Melita Netbox HD;
(iii) HD channels if subscribed to the Digital TV tier which includes HD channels.
(iv) A 10Mbps connection until they remain subscribed to the Bundle;
(v) Use of the DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi modem.
* Customers subscribed to the XL tier as of the 12th September 2011 will also benefit from Video On Demand (“VOD”).
The “Melita Netbox HD” is a digital interactive, dual tuner set-top box, capable of decoding HD DVB-C transmission with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound as well as Video on Demand, Internet Television and other interactive services. The Melita Netbox HD is equipped with a 320GB hard drive for Personal Video Recording and has USB 2.0 inputs with UPnP Media Centre facilities.
4. Both Digital TV and Internet services are provided via the DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi modem. This enables the Customer to benefit from file sharing/home networking capabilities between his home computer and the Melita Netbox HD. Where a Customer opts to have the Bundle provisioned separately via two modems, or where a Customer cannot be provisioned with a single DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi modem due to wiring difficulties, the Customer acknowledges that there shall be an additional installation charge. Where the Bundle is made available via two modems, the file sharing/home networking facility might not be functional.
5. All connection and/or installation fees are due. The installation fee for the Bundle is a one-time fee of €40. Customers subscribed to the Bundle shall be liable to pay a monthly charge (subject to the package chosen, which includes the monthly rental fee for the Melita Netbox HD, the monthly service charge for the Digital TV tier subscribed to and the monthly service charge for the Internet service. All charges shall be due as of the date that the service is installed.
6. The Bundle shall only be available on the same account and may not be transferred. Customer subscribed to this Bundle must remain subscribed to the Digital TV and Internet services throughout the Term. Disconnection or termination of any one of the services shall trigger the Early Termination Fee outlined in the Agreement, which is signed upon installation of the services and shall automatically terminate any benefits associated with the Bundle.
7. In the eventuality that the Customer at any time fails to meet any of the payments due, Melita reserves the right to suspend/terminate the Bundle with respect to that particular Customer and charge the standard full rate for the Melita Internet 10Mbps service.
8. Melita shall have the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving you 30 days’ written notice of such amendments and such amendments shall automatically become part of these Terms and Conditions at the end of the said notice period. If you do not accept any such amendments, you have the right to migrate on to a different package or terminate the service without incurring any penalty during the 30 day notice period. Your continued usage of our service beyond this notice period will be deemed your acceptance of the changes.
9. These Terms must be read in conjunction with the Standard Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) which are provided to the Customer for signing upon physical installation of the service at the Installation Premises, the Melita TV Terms and Conditions, the Melita Netbox HD service Terms and Conditions, the Melita VOD Terms and Conditions, the Melita Internet Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions specific to a particular promotion or offer related to the Service. Access to the terms and conditions specific to a particular promotion or offer is available by visiting

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