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Schedule of Charges

Television Installation Charge€45Service Transfer Charge€60
Internet Installation Charge€45Fixed Telephony Installation Charge€45
Collection Of Equipment Charge€45Lost, Stolen Or Damaged STB/CAM Charge€50
Disconnection Charge€45Installation/Removal Of Additional Television Outlet Charge€45
Reconnection Charge€45Lost, Stolen Or Damaged Internet Modem Charge€50
Late Payment Charge€4Lost, Stolen Or Damaged Remote Charge€10
Payment and/or Administrative Reversal Charge€12Lost, Stolen Or Damaged Smart Card Charge€10
Monthly Charge For Email Forwarding Service Beyond 12 Months€7Wi-Fi Setup Charge€45
Monthly Paper Bill Charge€2PC Setup Charge€45
Home Visit Charge€45Relocation of Outlet Charge€45
1st Am – Last Pm Appointment Charge€15Month-On-Month Charge€10
Change of Equipment Charge€15Monthly Wi-Fi Modem Charge€2
Lost, Stolen or Damaged DOCSIS 3.1€100Early Termination Fee€150
Monthly Voluntary Suspension Charge€5Lost, Stolen or Damaged Wi-Fi Extender/SuperPod€50
SuperPod Activation Charge€55Month-On-Month Installation Charge€75

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