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Internet will never be the same again

Connect to everything you love online without missing a beat. Explore more, stream more, game more in every room of your home. Say good bye to buffering and interruptions; smoothly download the latest game, that mega document, your photo archives in minutes or even seconds. Play online at the highest frame rate with instant response.

No more slow connections, no more WiFi dead spots. Our fibre-powered network brings gigabit internet speeds to the heart of your home, SuperPods cover your home with your own adaptive WiFi network..

Go ahead, enjoy it all, enjoy it all at the same time, enjoy it throughout your home.

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GigaPower. 1000 Mbps of blazing internet speed.

How we use the internet keeps changing. Live streaming, group video chats, 4K Netflix, YouTube, downloading presentations with embedded videos, HD interactive TV, online gaming. GigaPower brings you the bandwidth to enjoy the internet, whoever is online, whatever tomorrow brings.


What’s a gigabit?

Gigabit internet means over 1,000 million bits of data streaming into your home per second, written as 1 Gbps. 1 Gbps is 1024 Mbps, that’s over 40x more data than a 25 Mbps internet connection. That’s GigaPower. What that means is that downloading a HD film will take about 30 seconds. That’s really great


More devices, more bandwidth

We’re constantly online, often across screens. More devices in your home means the internet bandwidth coming into your home gets shared out like pieces of a pie across each person and each of their screens. GigaPower gives you a bigger pie to keep everyone’s devices up to speed.


Serious speed for serious gamers

Gamers love GigaPower. 1 Gbps downloads a new game in minutes, when it comes to updates, we’re talking seconds to get you updated and back in the game. Low lag and high reliability puts you ahead.

Home WiFi that doesn’t cut corners.

Most of us have our internet modem in our living room, you get great speeds when you’re plugged in to it or sitting nearby. But we’re on our devices and online in every room, so we need our WiFi with us.

Until now WiFi extenders could get the WiFi into other rooms, but they also cut the speed. The more extenders, the lower the speed.
Unhappy WiFi.

Welcome WiFi SuperPods that create your very own WiFi network over your home, extending the range and keeping the speed. Giving you the maximum possible speed throughout your home, and making sure your neighbours’ WiFi signals don’t interfere with yours.

Happy WiFi.


Adaptive WiFiTM

Your network adapts to how you use it, so you always get the best WiFi speed where you need it, when you need it.


WiFi with you

Keep your connection as you move between rooms, no need to switch between WiFi networks as you go upstairs or down that long corridor.


Your WiFi

Use the App to give guests access to your WiFi with the tap of a finger, for as long as they need, or you want. Fancy some offline time? Freeze access by device: WiFi super powers.

GigaPower across Gozo and Malta

We’ve been switching on GigaPower throughout 2018, so we’re now covering around 90% of homes. By early 2019 GigaPower internet will be available across Malta and Gozo, meanwhile see the map for coverage or scroll down, enter your address and discover if your home is ready for GigaPower.

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More information:
  1. A €0.50 direct debit mandate charge may apply.
  2. A one time €15 installation charge applies for a 24 month contract, €75 for a monthly contract.
  3. Follow these links to read the T&C of Flexi bundle: TV in Flexi bundle; Internet in Flexi bundle, Telephony in Flexi bundle and Mobile in Flexi bundle

This is a residential product, if you intend to make extreme use of your service, that is more than 25 times
We want all our customers to enjoy our internet. Occasionally a few customers use extreme amounts of bandwidth which can swamp the network and slow things down for everybody. Extreme use of your service may result if you continuously stream CCTV or high quality videos, or back up large data files or make heavy use of P2P services. Should this occur we will temporarily restrict the download speed and send a notification email.
the average upload or download volume for customers on this package, we recommend talking to our business team. Click Here

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