125,000 5G-ready mobile customers

Join Malta's most advanced mobile network

  • 4.5G speeds today, 5G-ready for tomorrow
  • Better streaming for vivid, vibrant videos
  • Better sound for mind-blowingly melodic music
  • Better call quality for chirpy chats

Why Melita 4.5G will be your new BFF



Browsing or using apps on your mobile is smoother, more stable and all-in-all more fun. Streaming is a breeze and you’ll never miss a whisper thanks to our network’s advanced sound quality.


Future Proof

Our 4.5G network is the latest, greatest technology - shout out to our friends at Ericsson - it's 5G-ready, so Melita mobile customers will be some of the first in the world to benefit from 5G technology when it becomes available in 2019.



4.5G is available at no additional cost for all our customers. Surf, browse and enjoy Malta’s most advanced 4.5G.

4.5G will be a feast for your eyes and ears - web pages will load faster, pictures will be in higher resolution and music will be better quality.
This uses data faster, so be sure to keep an eye on your monthly data usage too.

We've got you covered

We’ve got you covered, wherever you are in Gozo, Malta or travelling abroad. Take a look at the map below, pink means 4.5G is live and exciting.

If you’re off to foreign shores, check out our roaming page

4.5G Coverage

Postpaid Plans

Make the most of your mobile

The fun never stops with our best value plans including unlimited calls and SMS. Get loads of data at 4.5G speeds; opt for Unlimited Mobile Data at speeds up to 1Mbps. No bill shock, just a big blue world to enjoy on your phone.

Choose your plan starting from just €25 a month and get connected with Malta’s most advanced 4.5G network.

Postpaid Plans

Will 4.5G work on my mobile phone?

Most new smartphones are 4.5G ready. Set your phone to enable 4G/LTE or 4.5G/LTE+. If you’re in doubt check the specs on your phone’s packaging, the manual, or the manufacturer’s website. If your current phone doesn’t support 4.5G, don’t worry, with our state-of-the-art network your browsing experience on 3G will be smoother than ever before. Everyone’s a winner.

Not supported? No problem.

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