Share your data on-the-go!

Are you frequently away from your home WiFi, but don’t want to be away from the internet? Our Total Connect Data SIM gives you the best value mobile data on a monthly plan. If you regularly use mobile data from more than one device at a time, choose one of our top-of-the-range MiFi routers, and you’ll be able to connect up to 32 devices!

  • 10 GB data for only €10 per month
  • Superfast 4.5G mobile data speed
  • Choose a Mobile WiFi (MiFi) device to share 5G data across all your gadgets

Total Connectedness at totally best value

Our Total Connect Data SIM is the simplest choice to surf, browse and enjoy Malta’s most advanced 5G mobile network.


Best Value

Our 10 GB for €10 per month gives you the best value on pay monthly data plans


Most Advanced Network

Our 5G network has the latest, greatest technology to ensure your data connection is always the best


MiFi Top Tech

Take your WiFi with you and share it using our brand new portable WiFi routers

Data sharing is data caring

You can easily connect multiple devices to your MiFi router at the same time. You’ll get your very own portable WiFi connection for your laptop, tablet or smartphone, all on our high-speed, high-quality 5G network.

MiFi Routers

If you’d like to use your data SIM in a MiFi router, you’re at the right place. Choose from any of these models that fits your needs best. All MiFi routers can be purchased or one can also opt for a monthly payment plan of €5 per month.

All our battery enabled MiFi devices have a large, crystal clear screen, which uses either LCD or OLED technology so it’s easy to read outside on a bright, sunny Maltese day and easy to track your data usage, power status, WiFi strength. Our portable desktop router provides WiFi on the go all you need is just a power socket and you’re set. Peace of mind is guaranteed! Your WiFi network is password protected, so it’s secure and it’s up to you to choose who you share your data with.

MiFi Device

Huawei Mobile WiFi Pro 2 (E5885Ls-93a)

  • Premium robust design
  • Enormous 6400 mAh battery provides 25 hours of operating time
  • Built-in USB charger cable: can be used as power bank
  • Connect up to 32 devices via WiFi

€5 per month

€60 one-time fee

MiFi Device

Huawei E5577CS-321

  • Most affordable portable hotspot
  • 1500 mAh battery - 6 hours operating time
  • Connect up to 10 devices via WiFi

€5 per month

€0 one-time fee

MiFi Device

Zyxel LTE4506

  • LTE 3GPP Release 10 CAT. 6
  • 802.11ac/n with dual-band Wi-Fi supporting up to 32 Wi-Fi clients
  • Multi-Mode, Multi-Band for LTE FDD: B1/3/7/8/20/28 TDD:B40
  • Start Wi-Fi sharing by pressing WPS button

€5 per month

€0 one-time fee

More information:
  1. A €0.50 direct debit mandate charge may apply.
  2. The above benefits are available in Malta.
  3. Calls and SMS are charged at default rates: 24c/minute, 5c/SMS (including VAT). Default rates apply on roaming and international traffic.
  4. During EU Roaming you have 5.65 GB data roaming allowance. Any usage in excess of the 5.65 GB allowance will be charged at €0.0053/MB inclusive of VAT and exclusive of Excise Tax. Any data usage above the domestic data allowance of 10 GB will be charged at the standard domestic data tariff rate or €0.01/MB, plus a surcharge of €0.0035/MB inclusive of VAT. The maximum surcharge inclusive of VAT is; €0.0053/MB as from 01/01/2019; €0.0041/MB from 01/01/2020, €0.0035/MB from 01/01/2021; €0.0029/MB from 01/01/2022, and shall be charged where applicable and in accordance with EU law. The surcharges shall vary periodically in accordance with EU law.
  5. For more information on this tariff’s terms and conditions and FUP please click here.
  6. If you would like to receive paper bills a €2 charge applies. Have you tried our MyMelita online portal? It’s very convenient and you can follow your usage and bills and pay online. Check out this page.