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Get a Pockit Pass with all this, every 30 days:

Choose between 100 Minutes & SMS or Enjoy 200 Minutes & SMS with Endless MelitaWiFi

Just choose your price & how much mobile data

€5 includes 250 MB

€10 includes 1 GB

€15 includes 4 GB

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Pockit Pass - all this for 30 days!


Endless MelitaWiFi

Endless WiFi access in 75,000+ hotspots around Malta and Gozo - save your mobile data.


Free Mins & SMS

Choose between 100 or 200 call minutes and SMS on our reliable, advanced network from Malta, the EU and the UK.


4.5G Mobile Data

Choose 250MB, 8GB and 15GB of mobile data and get online at top speeds.

Data Boost

Get Endless mobile data till midnight on the day you order for only €2.

Choose your Pockit Pass

Once you have your Pockit SIM simply SMS the name of your preferred Pass to 16860 or login to MyMelita and get it from there.

Under 29? Check out Djuno mobile plans!

More information
  1. Pockit Top up offer, Prepaid Standard and MelitaWiFi Terms & Conditions.
  2. Pockit Pass bundles’ price includes VAT and excise tax.
  3. Your Pockit Pass is valid for 30 days from day of order, and will automatically renew if you have sufficient credit on your account . If you have insufficient credit, bundle will be removed, and default prepaid rates will apply: 24c/minute, 5c/SMS, 5c/MB (including VAT, but exclude excise tax and other taxes).
  4. Upon consumption of any benefit, default prepaid rates will apply. Bundle may be repurchased prior to the lapse of 30 days. New benefits will be assigned and any remaining benefits from previous bundle will be lost.
  5. The above benefits are available in Malta and whilst roaming in the EU and UK (except MelitaWiFi). Roaming rates and details can be found here
  6. To subscribe to either of these bundles, send an SMS to 16860 containing the text ‘Pass S’ or ‘Pass M’ or ‘Pass L’, to opt out an SMS to 16852 containing the text ‘STOP’ shall be sent, otherwise one may subscribe/opt-out through MyMelita.

Endless Data Boost

€2 gets you Endless mobile data till midnight on the day you order.

No limits, stream and surf as much as you like without using any of your 30 day data allowance. SMS ‘Endless data’ to 16860.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for these prepaid simcard bundles?

Check that you have enough credit, dial *121# to check, and then just send an SMS to 16860 with the name of the pass you want – Pass S or Pass M or Pass L – we’ll send you two SMS to confirm your bundle is available and then you’re good to go!

How long does my Pockit pass last?

Your Pockit pass benefits will last for 30 days.

What happens after 30 days?

Your Pockit pass will automatically renew, as long as you have enough credit. If you were on Pockit Pass S you’ll need €5 credit, Pockit Pass M, you’ll need €10 credit, if on Pockit Pass L, you’ll need €15. All your benefits will start again when your plan renews any leftover calls, SMS or data will be lost.

How can I top up my SIM Card?

To top up you can either buy one of our top up vouchers from any of our shops or any of our resellers or top up online via MyMelita. Anyone who has a MyMelita account can top up for you by entering your mobile number so don’t worry if you don’t have a MyMelita account yet.

How do I switch between Pockit passes?

Just choose your new plan on MyMelita, send an SMS to 16860 (include the new plan name in the SMS text, ie Pockit Pass L) or get in contact on Facebook messenger or here on the website, using the chat window bottom right.

I don’t want a data bundle, what benefits do I get?

If you do not wish to get a Pockit Pass standard rates apply for data, calls and SMS: 5c/MB, 24c/minute, 5c/SMS.

Can anyone get your pay as you go SIM?

Yes everyone can apply for Pockit. If you’re under 29 we seriously ask you to check out Djuno for some pretty special rates.

How can I switch from my current provider?

To switch to Melita all you need to do is purchase a Melita SIM from any one of our shops or call and we will deliver one straight to your door. It’s important to let our sales people know that you wish to keep your current number so that we can fill in the mobile porting form and switch your number to Melita. It’s easy and hassle free!

How can I activate MelitaWiFi?

Choose MelitaWiFi from your WiFi networks. Select Melita customer and choose the Mobile Number tab. Put in your Melita mobile number and email address and press on Get Code. Put in the code you received via SMS, click Connect and you can start enjoying endless MelitaWiFi 😉

Top up your mobile online

Log in to and top up your mobile online by using your credit/debit card.

Where can I buy a Top up card or a Melita Pre paid SIM?

Select your preferred location from the list below to find out your nearest outlet.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Guess what? There’s no need to break the bank to get your hands on the mobile phone that you’ve always wanted.

Going Abroad

Going Abroad?

When travelling to the EU, you can use your call, SMS and data bundles as you would in Malta. Check out the rates for other countries here.

Melita WiFi


75,000+ MelitaWiFi Hotspots give you endless outdoor WiFi with every Pockit pass. Get connected, stay connected.

International Calls

International Calls

Making international calls has never been easier or cheaper. Check out our international call rates here.

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