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5 Times When a Prepaid Mobile Plan Makes Sense

Friday, July 30, 2021 by Melita

5 Times When a Prepaid Mobile Plan Makes Sense

Are you thinking about taking the prepaid mobile plan plunge? We’re here to tell you why that is a great idea!

Nowadays owning a smartphone is a necessity and not a commodity. With the cost of smartphones always on the rise, it is no wonder that we are always looking for more affordable ways to maintain our phone plans. One way that people tend to save on their phone bill every month is through a prepaid mobile plan. We are here to tell you why!

If You are Trying to Save Money

As previously mentioned, with prepaid mobile plans, you will get to save more each month. By choosing your monthly budget range (our Pockit plan ranges from just €5 per month to €15 per month) you will have complete control over the desired amount you pay for your phone bill every month. If your funds run out, you will be informed straight away.

If You Want Flexibility

Prepaid mobile plans are not forever. If you have chosen a monthly limit and you want to change it, you will be free to do so after 30 days. If you feel the need to be flexible around your phone plan, then a prepaid mobile plan definitely makes sense for you. For example, if you know you are travelling this month and you would like more mobile data, you will be free to switch from one plan to the next after your 30 days are over.

Having Overage Fees is so Overrated!

Having a prepaid phone plan eliminates the risk of overage fees. We understand that it is incredibly easy to go over your limit with a contract plan and not realise how much you have spent over the past month. If you opt for prepaid phone plans, long gone are the days where you wait with dread for that horrid bill to arrive. You know exactly what you have paid for and, if you do go over your limits, your service stops until you buy your next payment or purchase any additional usage.

An Over and Above Data Boost

The last point brings us to the next advantage of adopting prepaid phone plans such as Pockit. If your plan was not enough to make it through the month, but you do not want to spend more money on an additional package, you can give your data a little boost. For only €2, you can get endless mobile data till midnight on the day of order. Talk about convenience! 

If You are Looking for Abundant Features

If you were under the impression that prepaid plans were limited, think again! Your Pockit pass provides a wide range of features for 30 days including endless Melita WiFi across 75,000+ hotspots around Malta and Gozo to save on your mobile data, free call minutes and SMS, top-speed mobile data and, the previously mentioned, data boost. The amount of these features all depends on the pass that you choose for your smartphone.

Need we say more?! Check out our Melita Pockit Pass prepaid plan for ultimate convenience!