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Abigail Sammut – Retail Customer Advisor

Monday, April 26, 2021 by Abigail Sammut

Abigail Sammut – Retail Customer Advisor

Time on Earth: 26 Years

Time at Melita: 3 Years

As a Retail Customer Advisor, I assist customers with their day to day queries, handle payments and sell Melita Products. The skill is to provide the customer in front of me with the best offering according to their particular needs and to make sure that they are satisfied with the service and the value for money.  There is no size fits all with us; we listen and understand, then adapt our offering to what that particular customer would benefit from most.

At times, the situation becomes challenging, especially when a complaint is very complex. It is very important to remain focused, to be able to solve issues in a timely and efficient manner. Ultimately, our job is to make sure that customers are satisfied and that they get the service they so rightly deserve.

It is extremely satisfying when I am able to reach the preset monthly targets, and even more so when I am the first customer representative to do so, across all branches. The targets set allow us to remain motivated and to continue ensuring customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Melita, I worked as a salesperson in a confectionary. When I joined the company three years ago, I was immediately made to feel welcome in the team. The culture at Melita is one which is very well-structured. It is also very team-oriented and I am lucky to work with colleagues who I consider my second family.

Having a great group of colleagues means that we are continuously motivated to work harder and do more. Over the past three years, I’ve experienced some moments that I will cherish for a lifetime. One I will surely remember is the advert that our retail team came up with for the free Bluetooth speaker given with every new post-paid scheme sold.

The best part about working within the telecommunications industry and specifically within my role, is that l get to meet different clients from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Each client is unique – we need to see their needs and maintain a good relationship, stay connected and make sure they are well catered for.

Working at Melita is a wonderful experience. The HR department together with the management always ensure that our workplace is one which respects our well-being while it provides us with the right environment to grow. Thankfully, I manage to juggle my work life with my personal one relatively well. This is thanks to the amazing management team at Melita’s retail department – particularly  my manager and assistant manager, Bernice Bundy and Glorianne Milne. 

If I had to think about the ideal scenario that I would be in in ten years’ time, I hope that I will have continued to develop my skills and career within Melita . I am always eager to learn more, to be able to grow and continue being motivated.

Abigail Sammut

Abigail Sammut

Retail Customer Advisor