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Melita has been awarded the Best Buy Award for our internet service.

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Superfast Nationwide

Choose your perfect internet speed – wherever you live –we offer speeds up to 1,000 Mbps across Malta and Gozo. 1,000 Mbps means you can say goodbye to buffering and waiting for downloads – even with lots of people on lots of devices.

Speed Guarantee

Value means you get what you pay for, so here’s our Speed Guarantee. All our internet subscribers will reach the download and upload speeds they are subscribed to when connected to our internet modem via a wired connection.

Quality in All Corners

We know that most of us aren’t wired to our modems all day, so we also offer our internet customers StellarWiFi to give you maximum possible speeds on all your devices, throughout your home.


We offer internet at prices to suit every pocket, so when the Best Buy Swiss organisation ICERTIAS surveyed 1,200 Maltese internet users; the absolute majority responded that Melita offered the best price-quality ratio.

Thank you!


Grandparents – where would we be without them? Nanna wasn’t able to make the trip to watch her granddaughter Michaela perform live on stage but superfast, reliable internet and a smart phone meant that Nanna could still witness one of her granddaughter’s most important life events, live, as it happened.


Pancakes on a Sunday morning - that was my little ones’ special request last weekend. With a strategically hidden tablet, a StellarWiFi connection and a mighty YouTube video, I managed to concoct the best pancake recipe ever; so perfect in fact, that both my princesses approved.

More information:
  1. €1 discount applies for customers paying by Direct Debit (DD) or pre-authorised credit card (PACC).
  2. A one time €15 installation charge applies for a 24 month contract, €75 for a monthly contract.
  3. Follow these links to read the T&C of Flexi bundle: TV in Flexi bundle, Internet in Flexi bundle, Telephony in Flexi bundle, Mobile in Flexi bundle and StellarWiFi S T&C’s

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