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Cedric Busuttil

Monday, August 24, 2020 by Cedric Busuttil

Cedric Busuttil

Time on Earth – 29 years

Time at Melita – 10+ years

Status – In a relationship

Melita is where my working life kicked off because I had never had a proper full-time job before I joined Melita. I used to work odd jobs in the catering industry whilst studying as a full-time student but I then decided that wanted a break from university to earn some cash to be able to buy a car. My intention was to resume my studies as a part-time student at a later stage. I was only 19 at the time, and my parents weren’t very happy with my decision, but I went ahead, joined Melita as a customer care agent and eventually started studying again. 

Cedric Busuttil

My current role is that of a Digital Marketing Manager, which involves managing the company’s overall digital presence. Together with my supportive team we manage campaign strategies and planning, design and execution.  This includes the design and development of Melita’s websites.  In essence we are responsible for the full digital user journey. 

I started from the bottom and worked my way up the corporate ladder. Just around a year and a half after I joined as a customer care agent, an internal position opened up for a Fraud & Process Officer. The role intrigued me, and because it was not on a shift-basis, it also meant that I would be able to resume my studies as a part-time student. Although it had very little, if at all, to do with what I was studying, it helped me immensely to broaden my knowledge and learn how the business operates.

Cedric Busuttil

Three years later, when I was in my final year of studies, a new position opened up in the world of Digital. At the time, applying for the post was a very challenging decision because I was just finishing off my thesis, but the job fit perfectly with what I wanted to do. At the end, after much dillydallying, it was my manager who pushed me to apply, which clearly demonstrates the type of family environment we have at Melita. 

The culture at Melita is quite unique I believe.  Whilst we are very structured and team-oriented, and yet adapt to an open-door policy. Everyone and anyone can walk in the CXOs office and discuss anything with them as if they were one of their team. This sort of attitude makes us feel part of a family and not simply a number to the company. We argue and we get challenged a lot, however at the end of the day, we all pull the same rope and make whatever needs to happen, happen.

I have an endless amount of memories that I cherish, but one that I will never ever forget is probably when my colleagues nominated me for a pride award for self-achievement. It was during our Christmas party when the CEO started calling out names for every award. There I was cheering for my amazing hard-working colleagues when all of a sudden, I heard my name being called out. The moment you see your colleagues clapping and congratulating you for your achievements gives you immense satisfaction and an overwhelming feeling of appreciation which in turn motivates you to give even more to the company. 

Whilst the company does its best to help us keep a good work-life balance, sometimes it’s not easy. I am a stickler for deadlines and never want to miss one and like everything else in life, every project brings its own challenges which sometimes makes it hard to find a balance. However, with good planning, delegation and my hardworking team, we always manage to help each other out and to make sure that we strike a good balance between work and our personal life. 

With these past ten years under my belt I can safely and honestly say that Melita is a place where employees feel proud to contribute and work hard. It’s a place where you build a second family and a career, and most importantly, you always walk in with a smile, and walk out ready for the next challenge. 

Cedric Busuttil

Cedric Busuttil

Digital Marketing Manager