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€40,700 returned to charities after Melita waives service fee

Monday, February 20, 2023 by Melita

€40,700 returned to charities after Melita waives service fee

Melita Limited has returned €40,700 to several charities in Malta and Gozo over the last three years after it took the decision to waive the administration fee for those raising money for a charitable cause.

Whenever any campaigns are carried out utilising Melita’s premium SMS service, the company normally charges a minimal 10 per cent administration fee on charity and non-profit campaigns, and a 50 per cent fee for profit campaigns.

The altruistic decision taken in 2020 to waive the 10 per cent charge has meant that 93 charitable campaigns carried out between 2020 and 2022 could pump in more money towards their cause.

Melita CEO Harald Roesch said: “We took this decision because Melita wanted to play a part in helping these charities, which have such an important role to play in our community. This decision held even more resonance once Covid hit soon after.”

In 2020, Melita returned €13,000, followed by €13,700 in 2021, and €14,000 last year.

Some of the charities were initially puzzled when the money was returned, but eternally pleased to discover that good deeds do often lead to more good deeds.



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