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From Exchange Student to Systems Engineer and beyond: My Adventures in Tech.

Friday, October 13, 2023 by Raisa Mifsud

From Exchange Student to Systems Engineer and beyond: My Adventures in Tech.

I wanted to share a little piece of my journey in the technology industry, especially after recently being part of a fantastic panel discussion earlier this month at the Women in Tech Times of Malta event hosted by Pink Magazine.

Back in 2016 when I joined Melita as a Systems Engineer. It was like being thrown into a labyrinth, filled with codes, systems, networks and this immense possibility to create something innnovative!

After two years, my dedication to (or should I say obsession with?) tech wizardry saw me being promoted to Senior Systems Engineer. It was not just about sharpening my technical skills, but also about embracing leadership and guiding my incredibly talented team through the rough and smooth seas, meeting the challenges, finding ways around the obstacles.

Fast forward to today; I am revelling in my role as an IP Core Infrastructure Systems Manager, crafting and safeguarding network solutions and systems, ensuring that all everyone experiences nothing but the best from Melita.

My toolkit isn’t just filled with networking, Linux operating systems, Python programming and security. It’s also generously sprinkled with relentless curiosity, a solutions mindset, and a generous dollop of problem-solving – the essential ingredients to navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape!

However, no job is ‘just’ about technical skills, I work in a team and with other teams, so people skills are vital. During my student years I was lucky enough to take part in a student exchange in sunny San Diego. It was a melting pot of learning experiences, mingling with a vibrant array of people and cultures. I learned the art of flexibility in communication and influencing – skills that I treasure and use every single week in my professional arena.

My role extends beyond codes and systems. It’s about bridging the gap between technology and experience, ensuring that every click, every user, and every moment is seamlessly connected through a web of well-orchestrated codes and systems.

Beyond the infrastructure and the networks, the screen and keyboards, I seek adventures through travel, exploring the unknown and cherishing every moment of time with my family.

Being a part of the ‘Women in Tech’ panel wasn’t just an honour. It was an opportunity to reflect upon my journey, to get insights from my fellow panellists and a testament to all the incredible women navigating through the tech jungle, and hopefully, a beacon of inspiration for many more to jump aboard this exhilarating journey.

While technical roles do tend to have a higher proportion of men, I have never felt that this is an issue, I feel welcomed.  I don’t see any discrimination at work. It’s true that while a lot of family commitments still fall on the shoulders of women employees, there is a lot of support provided by Melita.  And, when I am recruiting, I’m always really happy when I get to interview women.

And to all reading this, whether you’re contemplating diving into the tech world, or you’re already immersed in it – let’s continue to break barriers, create, innovate, and lead the way!

Keep exploring, keep innovating, and keep inspiring!


Raisa Mifsud

Raisa Mifsud

IP Core Infrastructure Systems Manager