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Get credit for recycling old phone

Monday, October 24, 2022 by Melita

Get credit for recycling old phone

The average person replaces their mobile phone every two to three years, so Melita Limited is offering anyone who brings in their old device a €5 credit as part of its goal to foster sustainability awareness.

Throughout this week, until October 26, Melita is running an e-waste campaign and offering anyone who turns up with an old phone at any of their stores a €5 credit on account (not per handset), or €5 credit on a prepaid SIM for those who are not Melita customers.

Charlie Karakas, Senior Product Manager at Melita said: “Mobile phones are made of many materials which can be reused and so reduce pressure on the environment.  Recycling also ensures that potentially harmful substances are dealt with properly, rather than degrading in landfills. This is a green opportunity that will give you something back, as well as sparking joy through clearing the clutter!” 

This campaign follows on from the company’s recent participation in EU Sustainable Development Week, where more than 100 employees took part in a series of initiatives that included collecting 320 kilograms of waste during a clean-up of Gnejna Bay.

Employees also raised €682 worth of food vouchers — Melita rounded this sum up to €1,000 — that were donated to the Soup Kitchen, together with five big boxes of food and toiletries.

Teams across Melita bought 34 trees, which the employees will be planting in the coming weeks, while €100 went towards buying a gift in the Children’s Dreams campaign, targeted at vulnerable youngsters.



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