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Got GoT fever? 5 things to get you through the Long Night.

Friday, April 12, 2019 by Amanda Holmes

Got GoT fever? 5 things to get you through the Long Night.

It’s been two long years, but finally, finally the Long Night is drawing to a close. Yes, we’re sad it’s the final season, but we just can’t contain our excitement that Game of Thrones is back!

Switch on Melita TV on Monday and be amongst the first in Malta to enjoy all the thrills, spills and maybe even some kills in the first episode of season 8 on Melita More.

Can’t wait till Monday – we know, we know, a weekend can seem like a long time, so after two years, two nights aren’t so long, but to help you through any just-can’t-wait-just-can’t-wait GoT moments before the Maltese premiere on Monday April 15th, here’s a list of five things to keep you occupied and excited.

1. Relive Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s wedding.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding

You can find a load of photos from the big day: here

2. Do some Game of Thrones themed cooking.

Game of thrones recipes

Here’s 30 recipes you can choose from

3. Go online and buy something really useful…

Khalessi inspired platinum wig

like a Khalessi inspired platinum wig

4. Even more useful…

seven kingdom goblet yourself a seven kingdoms goblet

5. Watch something else on Melita TV

… in case you’ve forgotten there are other programmes out there and you never know, you might like some of them

Game of Thrones Final Season premieres on Melita More, Monday April 15th at 2pm

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