How much data can I use when using MelitaWiFi?

You will have a data allowance of 20GB if you are a Prepaid and Hybrid customer and top-up with €10 or more, valid for 30 days. If you top up within the 30 days then an additional 20GB is added on top of your remaining WiFi data bundle and validity for both extends for another 30 days. The maximum data allowance to be collected is 100 GB which is equivalent of 5 top-ups. After reaching this cap, no further WiFi data will be added.

If no top up is made in 30 days, all remaining WiFi data allowance is removed.

On all contractual offers (Internet Package, Mobile Hybrid Plan, Data SIM or Postpaid Plan) a monthly 20GB WiFi data allowance is granted each month.

If you are subscribed to Unlimited 3, Unlimited 10, Unlimited 20 and any Big Blue Unlimited pay-monthly offers, you will have 50GB WiFi data allowance monthly.

Customers on Endless Plans can enjoy endless MelitaWiFi as well as endlesss mobile data.

How to check how much data you have used?

With MelitaWiFi service, you’re never stopped from browsing the internet. To view how much internet you used out of your bundle allocation feel free to click here and log in with your username and password.