How do I set up Plume?

To set up your SuperPods, you will need a:

  • a WiFi enabled device – a smartphone, tablet or laptop, with WiFi turned on
  • an ethernet cable
  • a writing pad so you can write down the pass code

To start your setup;

  • Take note of the 10 figure code at the back of your SuperPods – this is your temporary password which usually starts with 4C7
  • Connect the SuperPod to your modem with the ethernet cable and plug it to a wall AC socket
  • Plug in a 2nd SuperPod to a socket in another room (you can move the SuperPod around later for the best coverage)
  • Your SuperPods will be connected when their green lights stop flashing – this could take a few minutes
  • From the WiFi settings on your device, choose StellarWiFi and enter the 10 figure password (the code you noted in step 1 above)

Once you’ve set up your devices as explained above, click here to start making the most out of your home WiFi.