How do I navigate through the channels?

There are many ways to navigate through channels.

Whilst you’re watching a programme:

A. Side Ribbon

  • Press the right arrow: channels will appear on the side of the screen

B. Bottom Ribbon

  • Press up or down arrow to view a channel ribbon at the bottom of the screen

C. Programme Guide

  • Press OK, then Guide to view the menu
  • Use arrows on remote to scroll through the programmes
  • Press OK to select and watch a programme

D. Lists

  • Select OK to see the home screen, select Now/OK
  • At the top of the screen, select Lists
  • You’ll see two ribbons showing pictures of the programmes

From the Lists or Guide view:

  • Select the Day icon to jump backwards or forward up to 7 days
  • Select the Channel icon to display the available channel tiles
  • Select the Category icon and you’ll see a pop-up box showing all the categories available. You can then filter your search results, so if you fancy some family time, select Family and your NexTV decoder will show you all the family content available, no sports, no news.
  • Press back to escape