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For moments worth sharing, for connections that matter.Inspired by people like you.

Just four of the many ways you inspire us

Every day, in every way.

Online, our instant chat, our app, in our shops, in your homes. Over 10,000 customers a month asking, explaining, and yes, sometimes complaining. We always listen, we push ourselves to innovate and improve; inspired by you.

We're Maltese all over

With as many Maltese living beyond our shores as within them, how could we be anything other than internationally minded? We take inspiration from this Maltese trait, looking far afield for the best ideas, products and services to bring back to our island nation.

Welcome to Malta

Whether landing in Malta for a weekend or a new life, everyone wants to keep in touch. Inspired by our cosmopolitan customers we offer TV in over ten major languages and sports from wherever the world's top players are in action.

Connections that matter

We're all connected, we're all so many things to so many people: one society full of friends, partners, mothers, nephews, nanniet, neighbours, coaches, players. Each of these relationships is built on our mutual connections; connections that matter.


My embarrassing secret is that I'm not a lover of the great outdoors and I run for the hills at the sight of a single spider. But building a camping with my son had always been on my bucket list - even before I became a father! So, being the domestic nerd that I am, when the day came to build this bonfire my son had to look up 'how to light a camp fire' on YouTube. Thankfully, even though we were in the middle of nowhere, Melita's mobile data was there and my son still thinks I'm some kind of adventure dad.


Sometimes I'm at home, I look up from my phone screen and realise we're all glued to our own screens, doing our own thing – and we're missing out on doing stuff together as a family. A few weeks back I was thinking of that scene in 'The Greatest Showman' when they're dancing through the sheets on the roof and it gave me an idea; I googled it, grabbed the kids, found a shoebox and some gaffer tape and we made a portable projector. We took it up to the roof where we hang the washing; I logged on to the NexTV App, slipped my phone into the box and we were set. Somehow it was more fun watching TV outside – and we projected on to an old sheet, so it didn't even count as screen time!

Your inspiration, our vision

Your inspiration, our vision.

Every day we aim to live up to our customers' expectations and deliver to Maltese residents and business community state of the art communication products that would rank top tier in Europe for price/performance ratio and for Customer Service quality. Interested or want to know more?