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Melita Business presents its IoT portal at Google Cloud event

Monday, July 18, 2022 by Melita Business

Melita Business presents its IoT portal at Google Cloud event

Melita Business joined Google Cloud and AmagisTech in a three-way collaboration to discuss digitisation in Malta. The event at the Marriot Hotel showcased the opportunities created by high-speed bandwidth, the potential for improving online security, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Simon Montanaro, Chief Technology Officer at Melita Limited, presented the company’s IoT management portal and a range of IoT applications. Montanaro explained, “Under our brand, we have led the way in IoT in Malta, building a nationwide 5G and narrowband-IoT network alongside deployments of LTE-M and LoRaWAN. We offer a range of IoT connectivity options to businesses across the country, and – enabled by Google Cloud – internationally. There are, of course, countless opportunities for companies to use these networks to innovate and we look forward to working with Google Cloud and AmagisTech to explore the role of IoT in Malta’s digitised future.”

Antonio Giannino, Managing Partner of AmagisTech said, “Nowadays there is an evident trade-off between modernising one’s own IT architecture fast enough not to lose ground with competitors and doing it efficiently and safely. At AmagisTech we are happy to be supporting in their journey to deliver the best possible IoT services by enabling the partnership with Google Cloud, with cybersecurity well in mind.” 

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